Text and Data Mining policies and solutions - RDA 9th Plenary BoF meeting

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09 January 2017 2065 reads

Meeting title

The Future’s All Mine

Short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group: 

What good can come from freeing up access to digital content? The exciting thing is we don’t yet know the half of it! Text and data mining (TDM) is the process of deriving new information from vast quantities of machine-readable materials (facts, data and ideas). TDM technology can trawl this existing data to find new patterns, new correlations, new insights into information we already have but just aren’t humanly able to consume in the same space of time. It could help to solve some of society’s grand challenges and has the potential for huge returns, with estimates that it could add more than €5.3billion to the EU research budget. So why aren’t we doing more of it? In Europe, TDM is far less prevalent than in other regions, notably the US and Asia. Because of this, the European Commission is currently funding two projects to look into removing barriers to TDM relating to skills, legal clarity, technical issues and incentives. 

The OpenMinTeD and FutureTDM projects focus strongly on better access to TDM and hearing from stakeholders. Having heard a range of views from different sectors involved in TDM, the projects are now at the exciting stage of setting out policy recommendations and practical solutions to improve uptake.

We want to share these preliminary findings with you so that they can be refined and tailored to best meet the needs of the RDA conference participants. Maybe you just want to hear about TDM and how it can facilitate new discoveries for the research community. Your opinions matter to these projects and your feedback will be absorbed!

Additional links to informative material related to the group i.e. group page, Case statement, working documents etc


Meeting objectives

The objectives of the meeting are:
• Informing participants about the key FutureTDM and OpenMinTeD project recommendations, findings, tools and services
• Getting feedback from participants about the relevance of these suggestions to their field and to identify possible improvements 
• To encourage input in an informal knowledge café environment

Meeting agenda

Agenda (moderation: Helen Frew, Advocacy Officer, LIBER) 
1. Text and data mining and how OpenMinTeD tools and services can help, Stelios Piperidis, Head of Department, ILSP/ARC, OpenMinTeD project (15 mins)
2.FutureTDM and policy recommendations, removing barriers to TDM, Marco Caspers, Research Associate at the Institute for Information Law  (15 mins)
3. Proposed stakeholder guidelines from FutureTDM to improve uptake, Kiera McNeice, British Library (10 mins)

Informal knowledge café reflecting on ideas, discussions, all participants (50 minutes) 
A summary of meeting, what we have learned and will take forward will be published on the project websites soon after the session. The workshop feedback will directly contribute to the FutureTDM practitioner guidelines to be published later in the month.


Targeted audience and how to prepare for the meeting: 
• The target audience of this meeting include anyone from the varied RDA community with an interest or involvement in text and data mining. 
• In preparation for the meeting, participants should visit the project websites www.futuretdm.eu and www.openminted.eu 
Group chair serving as contact person: Helen Frew

Type of meeting: Working meeting