TAB Member Election 2019

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18 Sep 2019

TAB Member Election 2019

This October 2019, RDA holds its annual TAB elections. After RDA’s 14th Plenary in Helsinki, Finland, 5 new members will be elected to RDA’s Technical Advisory Board (TAB).  There are 14 TAB members, and the following 4 are rotating off in November 2019 as their terms expire:


  • Helen Glaves
  • Devika Madalli
  • Paul Uhlir
  • Tobias Weigel


As a result of a decision made at the last Council meeting in July 2017, the 2019 election to TAB will elect 5 members to replace the 4 who are rotating off after their terms are complete. The total number of TAB members will therefore increase to 15 after this year’s TAB Election.  8 eligible candidates are up for the election. 


Voting in this election will open on 23 October 2019 at 6:30 UTC, and will close on 6 November 2019 (two weeks later) at 23:59 UTC. All RDA members are eligible and encouraged to vote. After the voting closes, balancing criteria will be applied to make sure TAB continues to represent a variety of regions and disciplines. Read more on the TAB election process and balancing criteria 


Read here the full explanation of the TAB Elections November 2019 Process and Balancing Criteria. 


The newly elected TAB members will be announced shortly after 6 November 2019. The eligible candidates are listed below. View the full candidates’ profiles.


Candidate Region Discipline
Jeremy Geelen Americas Medical and health sciences
Mary Uhlmansiek Americas Medical and health sciences
Rob Quick Americas Natural sciences
Devika Madalli Asia and Oceania Social sciences
Sa-kwang Song Asia and Oceania Engineering and technology
Anthony Oko-Isu Europe and Africa Agricultural Sciences
Helen Glaves Europe and Africa Natural sciences
Tobias Weigel Europe and Africa Engineering and technology


Voting in this election will open on 23 October 2019, 6:30 UTC, and close on 6 November 2019, 23:59 UTC. The newly elected TAB members will be announced shortly after.

Please note that you are allowed to vote for up to 5 candidates.

The results of this poll are not available.