Survey request on data publishing and use - RDA perspectives requested

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08 Nov 2017

Survey request on data publishing and use - RDA perspectives requested

Dear RDA friends,
As a retired Secretary General of RDA, I have one last formal duty. I am representing RDA on the steering committee of a cool project funded by the Arnold Foundation to harmonize policies and practices across Earth and space science publishers, repositories, and researchers, so that publication of research results includes all relevant artifacts including data, software, samples, and literature.
It is an excellent opportunity to put many RDA Recommendations and Supporting Outputs in to practice. (DDRI, Scholix, DTR, PIT, Legal interop. DP Workflows among other critical RDA work). The project will run over the next 16 months and plans to engage quite closely with the RDA community taking full advantage of Plenaries, existing Recommendations and Working and Interest Groups, and other RDA activities. The focus is on Earth and space sciences, but my the hope is that it may apply to all sciences (maybe even humanities). We do have publishers from many disciplines involved. In my role on the Advisory Committee, I will be working to build and maintain strong connections between the project and RDA activities. Lynn Yarmey from RDA/US and the RDA Secretariat will serve as Project Manager for the work, further ensuring RDA connections.
As a first step, leading up to the first project meeting next week, we would appreciate if you could complete the following survey about attitudes and issues around data publishing. This will give us all a better sense of the current landscape. There will be an opportunity in the coming weeks to connect further through project activities, connections with Working Groups, and other coordinated efforts. The project will be moving quickly but has resources to help support the community-driven activities that your work in RDA has proven effective.
Below is the official announcement, but I would also welcome any direct feedback at

You are invited to participate in a survey about the increasingly open use of data in science.  This is being sent from the American Geophysical Union along with a set of partners, including the Coalition for Publishing Data in Earth and Space Sciences (COPDESS), Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP), and Research Data Alliance (RDA).  The research is supported by the Arnold Foundation, with additional support from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Nature, Science, National Computational Infrastructure, AuScope, the Australian National Data Service, and the Center for Open Science.
Your participation in the survey is voluntary and your responses will not be individually identified.  We estimate that it will take 15-20 minutes to complete the survey.  You can participate in the survey at the following link:
A summary of the findings will be shared back with you in a format designed to assist your location and others to achieve the full potential.
The survey is being conducted by Professor Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld of Brandeis University, who is an expert in organizational effectiveness and stakeholder alignment.  

Mark A. Parsons
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