Statistics Frontiers and Innovation – Demand for data confronting ‘post-factual truths’ - RDA 12th Plenary Meeting

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02 July 2018 130 reads

BoF meeting title

Statistics Frontiers and Innovation – Demand for data confronting ‘post-factual truths’

Collaborative session notes:

Short introduction describing the scope of the group and if any previous activities

Indicators, composite indicators and indices are increasingly recognised as complex modes of governance materialising characteristic features of ‘governance without governments’ at different levels. They represent policy instruments at the boundaries of the political and policy dimensions of the (global) governance system. They emerge from the particularities of transnational governance and differ from classical command-and-control approaches as they reflect the disentanglement of politics from the national level and the weakening of steering capacities of national political systems.

Innovation in statistics make a distinct contribution to the proliferation, use and robustness of indicators as such policy instruments especially in the era of ‘post-factual truths’, in which emotions and values play a central role in politics. New experimental statistics and innovative research data (to measure e.g. human well-being or gathered through citizens science projects) particularly fill the (perceived) evidence gap to support evidence-based policy-making and increase the acceptance and resilience of policies in multilevel governance settings. In this manner, they bridge the divide between modern politics and governance techniques by impacting on processes of framing, producing, using, accepting and contesting measurement of reality. In this context, it is of interest to analyse how innovation in statistics and research data help to better measure realities and inform policy solutions when the assessment of the issues at stake is difficult and/or contested.

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Meeting objectives

In this BoF meeting we will foster connections among professionals interested in exploring innovation in statistics and research data frontiers. We will discuss examples of experimental statistics as well as innovation in (research) data and will analyse conceptual and methodological challenges attached to them.

Meeting agenda

0-5 minutes - Opening of the session and outline of agenda
5-20mins - Introduction to innovation in data production and experimental statistics.
20-80 mins – Discussion of demand, examples and challenges
80-90mins - Conclusion and discussion of follow-up that could be useful to the RDA/Open discussion


This meeting is aimed at those working in statistics, data science, law, political science, economics, globalisation and governance studies, and international affairs. It will also be relevant to officials and researchers working in international institutions and organisations.

First group option*: Research Data Collections WG
Second group option: Data in Context IG
Third group option: Ethics and Social Aspects of Data IG
Fourth Third group option: Data for Development IG
Fifth group option: International Indigenous Data Sovereignty IG

Group chair serving as contact person: Research Data Collections WG - Bridget Almas

Type of meeting: working meeting