Staff Changes in the RDA Secretariat

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14 Aug 2023

Staff Changes in the RDA Secretariat

At the end of June, Meghan Underwood from the RDA US office and a fundamental component of the RDA Secretariat for many years, left the team to concentrate on RDA US activities. We are very grateful to Meghan for her immense contribution to RDA global. Irina Hope joined the Research Data Alliance Foundation team as the Global Events Manager on 24 July.

Irina, currently busy preparing for P21, has already worked closely with the RDA Secretariat as a previous Plenary coordinator and we are delighted she will now be working with us full time.

A mention also to Fares Dhane, from The Alliance Canada, who has been working with the Secretariat as part of the RDA regional partnership agreement with Canada. To date, Fares has worked on the content and data analytics for the RDA Pathways and other activities including coordination of the new web platform.