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26 Jun 2019
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Meeting objectives: 

SDDI IG is a new group that is preparing for endorsement.  As such the purpose of this meeting is to continue the dialogue of interest around social dynamics pertaining to data interoperability and to firm up the future agenda for the group.

Meeting agenda: 

Collaborative session notes:


Agenda for the meeting will be:

  • Presentation - Effective ways of addressing social dynamics to achieve results across organizations - Greg Madden (20min)

  • Confessions from the chronicles of social Social dynamics (20min)

    • Short presentations on the success & failures of data interoperability from a social dynamics perspective.

  • What constitutes organisational interoperability? (30min)

    • Discussion on what does it mean to have orgnisational interoperability.  What does it look like? What are the observable elements that exists to understand the level of interoperability that can be achieved by organisations?

  • Topics for future sessions (20min)

Target Audience: 
  • Anyone involved in bringing people together from different groups (or organisations) together to establish interoperable data infrastructures
  • Anyone with an interest in the social dynamics that come into play when building and operating interoperable data infrastructures.
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Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

Extensive work has been, and continues to be done on data interoperability at the technical and information domains. However, a large portion of the challenges in building interoperable information infrastructures are the result of the interplay between organisations, institutions, economics, and individuals. Collectively these form the social dynamics that foster or hinder the progress towards achieving technical and information Interoperability.

These are some of the most difficult challenges to address. Currently there is only a limited body of work on how to address these challenges in a systematic way. In keeping with the mission of the RDA, the focus of this group is to focus on what is required to build the social bridges that enable open sharing and re-use of data.  The focus of this interest group is to identify opportunities for the development of systematic approaches to address the key social challenges and to build a corpus of knowledge on building and operating interoperable information infrastructures.

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Pending submission

Type of Meeting: 
Working meeting
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