Building Dataverse Communities that follow RDA Best Practices for Data Sharing and Management

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27 Jun 2019

Building Dataverse Communities that follow RDA Best Practices for Data Sharing and Management

Submitted by Gustavo Durand

Meeting objectives: 

Introduce the Dataverse Project and Community

Introduce the Global Dataverse Community Consortium

Showcase use of Dataverse as a data sharing platform following RDA Best Practices for diverse Community members

Showcase Community involvement in workshops / project design / development

Identify barriers to using tools like Dataverse for data sharing

Investigate a support structure for global research data management with Dataverse

Meeting agenda: 


Collaborative session notes: 



In the last years, the Dataverse project has successfully built an engaged community from universities and organizations from 6 continents, with currently 46 productions sites around the world that host data across all disciplines. This active and growing community has since 2018 created a Consortium to provide scalable support and services to its member Dataverse repositories. This session will:


Discuss the Dataverse Project, Community, and Global Dataverse Community Consortium


Demonstrate how the Core Project team engages with the Community:

• for curation (e.g. trainings, workshops)

• for design (e.g. UI Testing)

• for development (e.g. architectural design to facilitate external tools; process to manage external pull requests, etc)

• discuss what works, what doesn't 


Demonstrate RDA Best Practices using Dataverse by the diverse Community Members, possibly including:

• International Maize and Wheat improvement Center (CIMMYT, Mexico)

• Harvard University and UNC (USA)

• Australia Data Archive

• DataverseEU /DataverseNL / DataverseNO / other European Dataverses

• Fudan University (China) / other Asian Dataverses

• Dataverse North (Canada)

• Dataverse in Brazil


Identify potential RDA interest groups needed

Type of Meeting: 
Informative meeting
Short introduction describing any previous activities: 

This group will show the successful collaboration among different organizations leading to the improvement and adoption of the Dataverse Project, a data sharing and management platform.

The Global Dataverse Community Consortium (GDCC), initiated and represented by members of the IQSS at Harvard University and the HW Odum Institute for Research in Social Science in the US, promoted the creation of an international melting pot (GDCC) where many interactions at global level are conceptualized. This will be presented and discussed in the session with a specific focus on bringing data sharing to parts of the world that may not have access to it, including potential use cases, as well as an imaginable support infrastructure concept for research data management with Dataverse.

One selected showcase will demonstrate how the International Maize and Wheat improvement Center (CIMMYT), which is part of the Global Dataverse Community Consortium, utilizes and promotes Dataverse in the international agricultural research area. Additional showcases will demonstrate how other Community members utilizes and promote Dataverse for their different types of institutions and disciplines and will give a global perspective on the use of Dataverse as a repository and as a basis for local integrations, steering groups, and national services. 

Thanks to the membership and participation of this diverse group of Community members, the use of Dataverse continues to expand around the globe.




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