Sharing Knowledge Across Disciplines to Improve Research Data Repositories

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25 Feb 2022

Sharing Knowledge Across Disciplines to Improve Research Data Repositories

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Knowledge sharing to improve open data sharing across disciplines (Robert R. Downs) ~15 minutes

Identifying Community Requirements for Archiving Astromaterials Samples Data (Kerstin A. Lehnert & Robert R. Downs) ~ 15 minutes

An SDG-13 showcase: Alignment of federated information infrastructures for research resources sharing (Lili Zhang) ~15 minutes

Interdisciplinary scientific views on preferred repository features (& discussion of rubric for data repository appropriateness) - Devan Ray Donaldson ~ 15 minutes

Discussion on Interdisciplinary Knowledge Sharing to Improve Data Repositories ~ 30 minutes

Meeting objectives: 

The emergence of research data repositories within various disciplines presents an opportunity to apply the knowledge gained within repositories from a particular discipline to improve the capabilities of repositories in other disciplines. Such knowledge sharing can include the policies and practices as well as the adoption of tools, techniques, cloud storage, features, and open source software to improve the practices of research data repositories across multiple disciplines. For example, approaches for archiving, curating, and sharing open data that have been developed and found effective in one discipline could be improved at another data repository to address the needs of the user community within a different discipline. Such improvements could be further developed within other disciplines and adopted across multiple domains by more repositories. Knowledge sharing across disciplines to improve capabilities of research data repositories can result in gains for the open data repository ecosystem and for users of research data world-wide. During this joint session, opportunities for sharing knowledge to improve data repository capabilities across disciplines are shared, followed by a discussion of ways to improve knowledge sharing among data repositories across disciplinary boundaries. Proposed outcomes of the joint session include the identification of research data repository practices that can be applied across disciplines along with the identification of opportunities for sharing knowledge among data repositories that serve different disciplines.    

Short Group Status: 

The Repository Platforms for Research Data (RPRD) Interest Group has been quite active during recent years and has found that the RDA community is very interested in improving the capabilities of research data repository platforms. The RPRD IG initiated the creation of the Research Data Repositories Interoperability WG, which has completed its activities. The RPRD IG also has explored the creation of a new WG on Repository Interfaces for Data Analytics (RIDA), which held a BoF session during RDA P14, and also has begun exploring the creation of one or more RDA WGs that focus on repository support for data policies. Most recently the RPRD IG held successful sessions during the RDA Virtual P15 on Approaches for Implementing Data Repositories, when many session participants recommended continuing the theme for the RDA P16 session, which also was successful. The RPRD IG and the Domain Repositories IG convened a joint session for RDA P17 on collaborating among repositories to share resources and convened a joint session during RDA P18 on Cooperative Innovation among Resilient Repository Platforms for Open Research Data.


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The RDA Repository Platforms for Research Data (RPRD) IG and the RDA Domain Repositories IG are collaborating to improve the capabilities of data repositories to serve their user communities. The RPRD IG focuses on improving the usability and technical capabilities of research data repository platforms. The RDA Domain Repositories IG focuses on enhancing communication with other RDA groups and on representing the interests of domain repositories in those groups. Together, the RPRD IG and the Domain Repositories IG share interests in identifying opportunities for data repositories to improve opportunities for using data and conducting research. The planned joint session will explore ways to share knowledge across disciplines to improve data repositories and the services that they offer to their user communities.

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Working meeting
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Robert R. Downs, Lili Zhang, Kerstin A. Lehnert, Devan Ray Donaldson