Setting new objectives for the Biodiversity Data Integration IG

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28 Nov 2019
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Meeting objectives: 

The session will discuss new objectives and scope for the group, and to agree on an updated charter to underpin this. The Biodiversity Data Integration IG is one of the oldest thematic groups in RDA. Over time the group charter has become outdated and new objectives need to be discussed to  make the group purposeful and active again. In the last two plenaries there was no group meeting and no progress has been made on redefining the group purpose and scope. It is important that we now do so during P15 as there are many developments in the field of biodiversity data now that would benefit with alignment of developments in other scientific domains and vice versa. Examples are the global movement to FAIR data, implementing RDA recommendations towards a FAIR DO infrastructure for specimen with Natural Science Identifiers, an extended Catalogue of Life and a global alliance for biodiversity knowledge.

Meeting agenda: 

Draft agenda:

  • Update on developments in Biodiversity data integration

  • Identification of RDA recommendations that can support Biodiversity data integration

  • Outcomes of the biodiversity data community consultation for current needs for a BDI IG

  • Group discussion setting new objectives  for the group and new domain specific recommendations that should be worked on

  • Next steps

Target Audience: 

Biodiversity Data Integration IG group members (and potential new group members).

Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

Currently the general objective is to make this Interest Group a sustainable component of major biodiversity informatics initiatives, like LifeWatch, EU BON, GBIF, Encyclopedia of Life and Atlas of Living Australia.

Short Group Status: 

The group is currently not active, but got new chairs that aim to reactivate the group setting new objectives that are relevant to current needs of the global biodiversity data community. RDA Europe is supporting a revision of the chapter and scope of the group through an ambassador grant for natural sciences.

Type of Meeting: 
Working meeting
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