SEAGrid Science Gateway: Adoption of the PID Kernel Information and Data Type Registry Utilizing the Enhanced Robust Persistent Identification of Data (ERPID) Testbed toward FAIR Scientific Workflows

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16 October 2020 1529 reads

SEAGrid is a science gateway that provides access to computational and data management resources using desktop and web browser based applications to the academic science and engineering communities.


FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable) data principles are becoming more prevalent in research communities, especially in those projects striving for openness. However, operationalizing the elements of FAIR requires both technical enhancements and broad social agreement across stakeholders. Increased communication is essential to increase sharing. As concluded in the OECD report Business models for sustainable research data repositories, it is important to achieve a broad and transparent global data infrastructure composed of many diverse networks. 

The RDA outputs adopted: 

Continual interactions with collaborators and peers within the RDA community allowed the ideas implemented through this project to be fully vetted and become mature enough to secure RDA funding for adoption:

The impact of the adoption: 

ERPID’s integration with SEAGrid leverages PID focused RDA outputs to recreate the entire computation workflow and enhance long-term persistence of workflow data and metadata. - Rob Quick (Indiana University)

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