Scholix/Data Usage Metrics WG joint session: from data citation to data metrics

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03 Aug 2021

Scholix/Data Usage Metrics WG joint session: from data citation to data metrics

Group leading the application: 
Meeting agenda: 

Collaborative session notes:


  • Introductions and framing (group chairs/co-chairs): why have we combined these two topics? 

We'll have guest presenters join us to share details on their implementations, their perspectives, and other pertinent information on Data Usage Metrics, Scholix, and data citation. 

  • Scholix

    • Motivation for Optica Publishing Group (formerly OSA) to be compliant with Scholix: Scott Dineen (Optica)

  • Best practice and initiatives in this space

    • ARDC article/data linking case study plans: Adrian Burton, Natasha Simons (ARDC)

  • Data Usage Metrics

    • Placing data citations in context: A bibliometrics perspective: Kathleen Gregory (ScholCommLab)

  • Discussion: the future of Scholix - where do we go from here?

Suggested topics, but feel free to bring your own: 

  • Expanding Scholix to software

  • Revisit the model

  • Encouraging adoption

Meeting objectives: 

To update the community and engage in discussion on progress being made on article/data linking by numerous stakeholders, developments in developing community-led data metrics and how these initiatives complement each other.

Short Group Status: 

Short Group Status (Scholix)

The working group is in maintenance mode, but continues to meet regularly in monthly calls and in RDA plenaries. The focus of the group’s work continues to be on adoption of the working group recommendations.


Short Group Status (Data Usage Metrics)

The working group continues to remain in limbo with RDA with a finished recommendation.

Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group(s): 

Data Usage Metrics: The WG has produced a recommendation in consideration with RDA for endorsement. The recommendation is focused on community prioritization of normalizing data usage counts according to the COUNTER Code of Practice for Research Data. 


Scholix: The working group has generated a Scholix metadata schema, has helped implement this schema in multiple Scholix hubs and other infrastructure providers, and has built a community that provides Data citation services. The group is in maintenance mode since 2019 and continues to work on Scholix adoption with repositories, publishers and other industry groups. 

Type of Meeting: 
Informative meeting
Group chair serving as contact person (responsible for the agreement with the corresponding groups): 
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Meeting presenters: 
Rachael Lammey, Daniella Lowenberg, Ian Bruno, Kristian Garza