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13 Dec 2022

Sara El-Gebali

Life Science

Sara El-Gebali is a Metadata expert, Research Data Manager & Community Builder currently working as the Metadata & Curation Project Lead at the SciLifeLab-DataCentre in Sweden. She is leading the implementation of multiple Open Source technical solutions (including samples handling systems & Trusted Research Environments) and outreach and training activities for Research Data Management that promote Open and FAIR practices.



The key focus of the ambassador activities is to deliver a series of "Ask Me Anything"-style events featuring keynote speakers from the RDA and EOSC groups focused on RDA activities and EOSC solutions in relation to FAIR implementation and Open practices in Science.

The events will bring together speakers from the RDA Groups and speakers from a related EOSC service to describe how their work aligns, how it connects to the research community, and how it benefits the research community in a way that is directly related to the implementation of FAIR and Open research practices.

The sessions will begin much like a traditional presentation, with the expert speakers presenting short, 5-minute talks about their work. One or two moderators will run the sessions, which will be laid-back and easy to understand. Questions will come from both the moderators and the audience.  Finally 2-3 questions gathered and answered by experts will be turned into Google Educational Q&A Flash cards


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