Research Data Spaces Taxonomy

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26 Feb 2022

Research Data Spaces Taxonomy

Submitted by Ville Tenhunen

Meeting objectives: 

Term Data Spaces is appearing recently in many contexts and developments related to data governance and management, data exchange and sharing, data driven technologies. It is spreading to Cloud Computing and Big Data, and mentioned in relation to digital transformation of the Industry 4.0.

Research Data Management area and RDA (Research Data Alliance) community has long time experience and practices in sharing research data and implementing FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data principles, in particular by proposing and developing the concept of the FAIR Digital Object (FDO) that uses another concept of the Persistent Identifier (PID) which is an important element of the data sharing infrastructure.

This BoF and proposed IG will attempt to collect and systemise existing visions and definitions related to an emerging concept of data spaces in industry and research. Intention is to align it with existing baseline technologies and put into context of the data driven technologies development, in particular with the vision of the different communities and leaders of thoughts, naming such as IDSA community, RDA and FDO community, academic research on data centric and data driven technologies. Such approach should provide a basis for discussion with such communities.

Meeting objectives are:

  • Evolving the idea of data spaces by discussing different entities in the taxonomy to identify commonalities and important differences.
  • Clarify taxonomy of data spaces 
  • Continuation of previous discussions about global data spaces
  • Discuss the role of Data Spaces in facilitating smoothless data sharing and building supporting data infrastructure  
  • Discuss the prospective IG statement, volunteers, contributors, deliverables, link and coordination with other RDA groups and external organisations (such as IDSA (International Data Sciences Association), FAIR Digital Object Forum,  EOSC etc.)
Meeting agenda: 

Collaborative meeting notes:

  • Opening and introduction (Ville Tenhunen, EGI Foundation)

  • Data spaces taxonomy, its components and structures (Yuri Demchenko, University of Amsterdam)

  • Comment - what makes data spaces special globally? (Mark Dietrich, EGI Foundation)

  • Work of the GORC IG/WG to the Data Commons BoF (Andrew Treloar, ARDC)

  • Discussions on taxonomy definitions and aspects (Ville Tenhunen)

Session presentations are in the Google Drive:


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Working meeting
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Yuri Demchenko, Mark Dietrich, Ville Tenhunen, Andrew Treloar
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Driven by RDA Organisational Member
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