Research Data Alliance/US Announces Launch of National Website

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24 Nov 2015

Research Data Alliance/US Announces Launch of National Website

Research Data Alliance/United States (RDA/US) has announced the launch of a national website,  Blending mobile responsiveness, modern design, streamlined navigation and a user-friendly experience, the site is designed to educate and engage the U.S. community on the importance of building and using infrastructure solutions to address data-driven challenges in science and society to solve problems and accelerate innovation. 

Information pertaining to RDA/US events, member activities and RDA’s infrastructure solutions are featured on the website, as well as the ability to join the RDA community and collaborate with members throughout the world in solving many data challenges, including but not limited to, metadata standards, interoperability and data preservation. 

RDA is an international organization that focuses on the development of infrastructure to reduce barriers to data sharing and exchange, and accelerate data-driven innovation worldwide. The United States (U.S.) members of the RDA constitute RDA/US, and its national mission is to grow its data community to include contributors across various domain, research and generational boundaries and accelerate and adoption of useful infrastructure that promotes data-sharing and data-driven research.

“We expect this website to be a terrific resource for the data communities within the U.S. and our RDA/US membership, as we continue in our mission to build infrastructure solutions that will reduce barriers to data sharing and accelerate innovation in our country, as well as throughout the world,” stated Dr. Francine Berman, Chair of RDA/US. 

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