The Research Data Alliance Post-21st Plenary Webinar

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The Research Data Alliance Post-21st Plenary Webinar
16 Nov 2023 UTC

The Research Data Alliance Post-21st Plenary Webinar

16 Nov 2023

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The RDA’s Technical Advisory Board (TAB) hosted a post-21st Plenary webinar on 16 November 2023. The webinar provided an overview on the takeaways of the breakout sessions held during the 21st Plenary Meeting. A clearer understanding of the collaboration approaches among RDA groups was also discussed.

The webinar agenda mirrored the RDA Pathways developed by the TAB to help community members navigate Plenary sessions, RDA groups, outputs and more. See the Research Data Alliance Pathways: RDA 21st Plenary Synopsis.

The webinars recording are now available. Each recording summaries sessions’ takeaways, applicable pathways, and future plans of the RDA groups. Slides for each recording includes a summary of the pathway synopsys and the post-P21 webinar presentations.


♦ Fair, Care, Trust 

► SLIDES ♦ Fair, Care, Trust: Pathways Synopsys + Session Summaries


Data Infrastructures and Environment

► SLIDES ♦ DATA INFRASTRUCTURE and Environment: Pathways Synopsys + Session Summaries


Training, Stewardship and Data Management Planning

► SLIDES ♦ Training, Stewardship and Data Management Planning: Pathways Synopsys + Session Summaries


Semantics, Ontology, Standardisation

► SLIDES ♦ Semantics, Ontology, Standardisation: Pathways Synopsys + Session Summaries


Data Lifecycles

► SLIDES ♦ Data Lifecycles: Pathways Synopsys + Session Summaries


Discipline Focused Data Issues

► SLIDES ♦ Discipline Focused Data Issues: Pathways Synopsys + Session Summaries


Research Software

► SLIDES ♦ Research Software: Pathways Synopsys + Session Summaries