Research Data Alliance Commemorates 10th Anniversary: ‘A Decade of Data”

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20 Jan 2023

Research Data Alliance Commemorates 10th Anniversary: ‘A Decade of Data”

This month, the Research Data Alliance (RDA) launched a year-long commemoration of its 10th anniversary. Celebrating ‘A Decade of Data’, the organization will host a variety of international and regional events and activities throughout the year to reflect on its achievements and recognize community members, partners, and funders.

RDA is a research community organization started in 2013 by the European Commission, the American National Science Foundation and National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the Australian Department of Innovation. It is dedicated to the development and use of technical, social, and community infrastructure promoting data sharing and data-driven exploration. In the past ten years, RDA has attracted more than 13,000 members from more than 130 countries, and developed infrastructure used by groups all over the world.

Current activities planned for January include:

Events taking place between February and December as part of the year-long commemoration will focus on a specific theme related to research data management.

  • A calendar of events detailing these planned activities is available here.
  • The RDA also welcomes additions to this schedule from members and the external research data community. Suggest an event/activity here.

Contact Information:

Connie Clare, PhD
Community Development Manager
Research Data Alliance Foundation
Tel: +44-7545342802
Twitter: @ConnieEClare

Additional information:‘-decade-data’-celebrating-10-years-research-data-alliance