The Rescue of Data At Risk - An RDA / CODATA Workshop, 8–9 September 2016, Boulder (CO)

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The Rescue of Data At Risk - An RDA / CODATA Workshop, 8–9 September 2016, Boulder (CO)
08 Sep 2016 UTC

The Rescue of Data At Risk - An RDA / CODATA Workshop, 8–9 September 2016, Boulder (CO)

08 Sep 2016 to 09 Sep 2016

A workshop on The Rescue of Data At Risk will be held in Boulder, Colorado, on 8–9 September 2016, in association with International Data Week that is taking place the following week in nearby Denver.

The Workshop is being organized by the joint CODATA Task Group for Data At Risk and the RDA Interest Group for Data Rescue, and is being hosted by NCAR (the National Center for Atmospheric Research), 3090 Center Green Drive, Boulder, CO 80307, USA.


It is becoming imperative, and urgent, to broadcast the need to rescue (uncover, preserve, digitize and create public access to) heritage data which are languishing in non-digital (or non-readable) formats and cannot be used at all efficiently (or at all) for research in that state. Many are stored in inappropriate conditions and may be deteriorating rapidly. The most effective tool is example―showing what can be gained (and equally, what is currently being lost), both in science and in the humanities and social sciences.

By presenting a variety of Case Studies, the Workshop will demonstrate the scientific value of recovering the information from those non-electronic data through the use of modern technology, and will debate the methods, techniques, and support, needed to make many more of those older data widely accessible.

The Workshop also needs to hear about projects which were unsuccessful―or never even got off the ground―since one objective is to size up the actual challenges.

Content and Schedule

We invite papers, either as oral presentations or as posters, that describe the management and challenges of nearly-lost heritage data. Posters will be on view for the duration of the Workshop, and may thus gain much more exposure than would a brief oral presentation. Following presentation(s) on one of the Workshop themes, the meeting will divide into breakout sessions to discuss the specific challenges or pointers, and then collect and review the various conclusions.

For the latest information see the Workshop Website.


  • Locating nearly lost data (“dark data”), e.g., libraries, reports,closed field stations, hearsay. Aspects of access, borrowing or transferring. Ownership
  • Contents catalogues for analogue materials
  • Digitizing technologies
  • Meta-data
  • Long-term preservation of digitized records
  • Long-term preservation of originals.


Registration (at US$100) will include morning/afternoon tea/coffee breaks and lunch on both days, and a bus to/from hotels if required.

Travel and Accommodation

Boulder is about 40 miles (70 km) from Denver International Airport. The route is serviced by the AB bus (see schedules).


Preferential rates have been arranged with the Best Western Inn Boulder ( for 30 rooms at $139 (includes breakfast).

15 rooms have also been set aside at the Millennium Hotel ( for $119 (breakfast not included).

Participants should make their own bookings. In both cases the limit of the agreed discount ends by August 7.

Other hotel rooms may be booked as per individual choice.

Travel Support

Limited travel support may be available for those who do not have other sources of travel funds. When pre-registering, please indicate if travel support is essential, and (if so) approximately how much will be needed.


Mike Daniels (UCAR) 
David Gallaher (NSIDC) 
Matthew Mayernik (UCAR) 
Steve Williams (UCAR)


For general enquiries, please contact Elizabeth.Griffin [at] in the first instance.

We look forward to seeing you in September!