Request for Community Support: Plenary Scheduling Software

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29 Jul 2022

Request for Community Support: Plenary Scheduling Software

Dear RDA Community,

We are reaching out to ask for help with a software tool for scheduling future Plenary Breakout session meetings.

Historically, we’ve used a very helpful, RDA member written piece of software to help with scheduling Plenary Breakout Sessions based on input from session applications.

For the last few Plenaries, we’ve included the option to select Breakout Sessions based on group availability and preference.

The extra options create additional complexity to the scheduling. Therefore, we're looking for a new software solution to help with scheduling sessions.The software would need to take into account three different conflict types/variables when exporting possible scheduling scenarios:

  1. Chair conflicts 

  2. Group conflicts 

  3. Breakout Session preferences 

We would be grateful for any help you could provide us in creating such a tool, or know of any already existing software solutions that could accommodate this task. With Plenary 20 (21-23 March 2023) fast-approaching, we'd appreciate your advice and response no later than 30 September 2022 to

Thanks for your time and consideration,

RDA Secretariat