Reproducible science and ECR funding opportunity

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25 Nov 2019

Reproducible science and ECR funding opportunity

As part of the RDA Europe Adoption Grant projects, a call for early career researchers to participate in the usage of a reproducible paper template for their research data or project management purposes has been issued.

Dr Mohammad Akhlaghi and his colleagues at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias are seeking input from researchers outside the domain of astronomy/astrophysics in order to implement the template in other research areas. Though early career (PhD and postdoc) researchers are preferred for this opportunity, applications for the week-long hosting at the IAC is open to all researchers.

As part of the RDA Early Career and Engagement Interest Group’s ‘Ask me Anything’ webinar series, Dr Akhlaghi recently presented on the status of the template, also outlining the conditions for the funding available. These include:

  • The exact date will be set in coordination with the selected researchers.
  • Early Career Researchers (PhD students or Postdocs) are preferred.
  • Your project can be done with Free Sofware.
  • Your project can be run in Unix-like operating systems, ideally GNU/Linux distributions (for example, Mint, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Manjaro, Fedora, CentOS, Redhat, and many others), but other Unix-like OSs are also fine, for example BSD-based distributions or macOS.

The full set of slides from the presentation is available on Dr Akhlaghi’s website, with more detail on the project provided as part of the Adoption Grant Introductions blog series.

The closing date for applications is 30th November: for further details and for those interested in applying for this opportunity, please contact Dr Akhlaghi directly at