Repository Interfaces for Data Analytics (RIDA)

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26 Jun 2019

Repository Interfaces for Data Analytics (RIDA)

Submitted by Gretchen Greene

Meeting objectives: 
  • Finalize a case statement for the RIDA Working Group

  • Discuss the roadmap for the WG

  • Clarify contributions

Meeting agenda: 

P14 BOF Session Slides

Collaborative work notes:


  1. Results from the joint Meeting from P13 and VCs between P13 and P14 to start the RIDA working group (presentation, 15 minutes)

  2. Case statement for the WG (presentation of draft and joint discussion, 30 minutes)

  3. Roadmap for the WG (group work, 30 minutes)

  4. Clarify who will co-chair the WG and who will contribute (joint discussion, 15 minutes)

Type of Meeting: 
Working meeting
Short introduction describing any previous activities: 

At P13 we discussed how we can harmonize the methods of access to data of repositories in a machine-actionable way for analytical workflows. We agreed, that direct and repository-agnostic access to data is an essential feature for data reuse and a prerequisite for many data-related tasks, like transfer of data for processing and analysis, co-scheduling of data transfer and computing and more. We agreed to not reinvent existing technology, but to reuse and orchestrate existing approaches like protocols or specifications. A possible outcome could be a capacity negotiation protocol, that could be used by clients to choose one of the already existing access methods to the data.

Since P13 we had one VC to discuss the organizational implications of this mission (WG in RDA? How are we connected to existing RDA WGs/IGs and earlier group outputs/activities? Who can contribute?) Another VC is planned for end of August.

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