Open Science Platform Report “Open Science in Poland 2014. A Diagnosis”

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23 Aug 2015

Open Science Platform Report “Open Science in Poland 2014. A Diagnosis”

The aim of the report, prepaired by the Open Science Platform team,  is to present a comprehensive overview of the current state of openness in Polish science. It covers the institutional context of Open Science in Poland and analyze its selected legal aspects, as well as describe the current e-infrastructure of Open Access. The report also summarize the results of desk research and of surveys of Polish scientific journals and Polish scientists conducted for the purpose of the report.

The picture presented in the report shows the strengths and limitations of Open Access in Poland. The specific OA model in Poland is mainly based on grass-root initiatives implemented by publishers of scientific journals, researchers themselves, institutions providing IT solutions, and several institutions managing repositories. 

The report is available on the Open Science Platform website under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 PL licence:

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