RDMF20: RDM and Data Sharing/Openness in The Arts - Virtual Forum

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RDMF20: RDM and Data Sharing/Openness in The Arts - Virtual Forum
03 Jun 2020 UTC

RDMF20: RDM and Data Sharing/Openness in The Arts - Virtual Forum

03 Jun 2020

The Research Data Management Forum (RDMF20) will focus on the management of, and specifically the sharing, openness and FAIRness, of arts data. The event will take place online and we will use a variety of online collaborative tools to foster discussion and an environment for exchange of ideas.

Arts disciplines brings specific challenges when it comes to data curation, some of which are due to the nature of data itself, which can differ significantly from scientific data, for which the majority of RDM and openness/sharing principles and tools have been designed. Arts objects and data are also often ephemeral and novel, and the culture for documenting and managing it are not very well developed. This can pose challenges for data managers in arts universities and colleges, who need to respond to demands from funders and an evolving data culture in the research management landscape; for example, requirements for DMPs, REF preparation, demand of increased data sharing and openness, and most recently an expectation that data be made FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Re-usable).

This event will explore these challenges and is aimed at peer-to-peer knowledge exchange between staff and researchers in arts universities, colleges and those working in any institutions involved in the curation of arts data. We also welcome members of consortia and organisations that focus on furthering tools and principles around arts data curation and management. The focus will be on understanding opportunities and challenges by delivering best practice examples that aid the development of policies, strategies and tools around the management and openness of arts data.

Registration for RDMF is now open and can be accessed via this link. The full agenda can be found on the DCC website