RDMF19 - Costing data management

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RDMF19 - Costing data management
16 Sep 2019 UTC

RDMF19 - Costing data management

16 Sep 2019

19th Research Data Management Forum - Costing Data Management 

Managing and sharing data effectively requires a significant investment from research communities and data service providers. Effort needs to be allocated to plan and execute data management activities such as creating data documentation and preparing data for deposit. Resources also need to be committed to ensure appropriate services are in place and required allocations are made.

Many research funders have clarified that costs associated with data management and sharing are eligible in grant proposals. Nonetheless, few projects routinely cost in support for fear of being uncompetitive. Several institutions have developed procedures to identify and address support requirements, and organisations such as LIBER, OpenAIRE and UKDA provide guidance on costing.

This thematic Research Data Management Forum will revisit some of the questions addressed in the DCC's 10th RDMF with research funders which took place in 2013. What has advanced in the intervening years and where is greater clarity and support still needed? Panels with research funders and institutions from across Europe will profile the state of the art. The community will also be invited to submit posters and demos to share wider best practice and an unconference session will allow delegates to advance ideas on the most challenging aspects.


Visit the DCC website for a full agenda and more information on speakers and topics. 

Registration costs £200 for the full day event and is now open.

Costs and Registration

Please register here.

As part of registration, you will be asked if you wish to bring a poster, demo or materials to share your activities on supporting RDM costs. If so, please provide as much detail as possible so we can accommodate requirements.

You are also invited to suggest unconference topics as part of registration. We will also begin the planning process for this in the coming weeks and invite contributions.