RDA's 21st Plenary - Instructions for Poster Presenters

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05 September 2023 150 reads

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RDA's 21st Plenary - Instructions for Poster Presenters 

By participating in P21's Poster Session as part of International Data Week 2023, you have an excellent opportunity to share your ideas, ongoing research and accomplishments with data professionals from around the globe.

Onsite Poster Exhibition
Poster presentation session will be held onsite only, in Salzburg Congress Venue in Salzburg on Tuesday, 24th October at UTC 17:15 - 18:30 / Austrian Time 19:15 - 20:30 pm. Physical poster boards will be displayed in the registration area of the venue and will stay displayed from Tuesday's poster session till the end of the IDW 2023.

Please note, that physical poster presentation requires the author's physical presence at the conference venue.

Registration for the RDA’s P21 [part of IDW 2023]
All poster presenters are required to register for the IDW2023. If you have not registered yet, please do so at idw2023.org. The Early Bird ticket is available until 15th September 2023. 

Poster Format and Specifications
Although no virtual poster session is scheduled, the RDA will upload your digital poster on the RDA’s P21 Poster Exhibition webpage for visibility and a future record.
We ask each poster presenter to provide us with your final poster in the following format:

  1. For the physical posters presented at the venue:
    Each poster presenter is responsible for printing and bringing a poster. We strongly encourage you to bring a printed poster with you to Salzburg. In cases where this is not possible, you can print posters in the recommended printer centers close to the IDW2023 venue:

Opening hours: Mon - Thurs 8.00 - 12.00, 13.00 - 16.00; Fri 8.00 - 12.00 (local Austrian time)
Address: Salzburg University, Kapitelgasse 5-7, A-5010 Salzburg
Tel: +43/(0)662/8044-2156
E-mail: Printcenter@plUs.ac.at

Additional provider:

Copy-Fax GmbH
Address: Herr Ludwig Klein, Auerspergstr. 53, 5020 Salzburg
Tel.: +43 (662) 880340
E-mail: info@copy-fax.at 


Size of Poster Boards:

The poster boards will be 1m wide and 2,5m high. The format for posters is A1 (59,4cm x 84,1cm). Posters will be hung using sticky tape, provided at the venue.


  1. For the digital posters listed on the RDA P21 Poster Exhibition webpage:

Further poster instructions will be communicated with all poster presenters in due course.