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15 July 2022 11184 reads

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Mon, 20 June | Tues, 21 June | Wed, 22 June | Thu, 23 June

RDA's 19th Plenary programme can be found below. Please note, the programme includes the main International Data Week 2022 programme components as well as RDA Plenary 19 sessions. The full IDW2022 programme can also be seen at International Data Week 2022 - Programme. 

The times listed for all sessions are final.
All times below are in UTC. To check your local time conversions, please click on times.


Session recordings will be available to all those registered for the event for 8 weeks. The recordings will be made available for the community eight weeks after the event. 

Post-19th Plenary webinar recordings (July 28, 2022)

Breakout Session Recordings Now Available

Recordings of Plenary 19 Breakout Sessions are now Available on RDA's Youtube. - Playlists for each Breakout Session linked below and at the top of each Breakout session.

Breakout 1 Playlist - Breakout 2 Playlist - Breakout 3 Playlist - Breakout 4 Playlist - Breakout 5 Playlist - Breakout 6 Playlist - Breakout 7 Playlist

You can find the recordings of the Plenary Sessions for IDW 2022 here.

Monday, 20 June 2022 - Breakout Session 1 Recordings

Tuesday, 21 June 2022  -  Breakout Session 2 Recordings - Breakout Session 3 Recordings - Breakout Session 4 Recordings

Wednesday, 22 June 2022 - Breakout Session 5 Recordings

Thursday 23 June 2022 - Breakout Session 6 Recordings - Breakout Session 7 Recordings

Group color coding legend: 

 Not yet endorsed    
 IG established

 Not yet endorsed  
 WGs Getting started (~0-6 months after RDA endorsement)    
 WGs Wrapping up (from ~12 months after RDA endorsement)
 WGs Maintaining deliverables (maintenance group)