RDA's 19h Plenary - Instructions for Poster Presenters

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RDA's 19h Plenary - Instructions for Poster Presenters 

Research Data Alliance 19th Plenary Poster Session [as a part of International Data Week 2022] will be held as a hybrid event. 

By participating in P19's Poster Sessions throughout the Plenary you have an excellent opportunity to share your ideas, ongoing research and accomplishments with data professionals from around the globe. The poster exhibition allows authors and audience of data practitioners, computer scientists, researchers, policy makers and private sector representatives to engage in in-depth discussions about the presented work from which new ideas and solutions can emerge.

Poster exhibition sessions

The poster exhibition space on Whova and on-site in Seoul Dragon City Conference space will be open and available at all times.

The virtual presentation of posters will be organised via Whova where there is section dedicated for posters (Agenda>Posters). Content of the virtual poster exhibition is accessible to all conference attendees (virtual and in-person) throughout the conference. 

The main hybrid poster session is scheduled on Monday, 20 June 08.30-09.30 UTC. The session is set as a discussion between the conference attendees and the virtual poster presenters via the Whova conference platform. Poster presentation is not required. 

Additionally, there are two sessions organised for virtual discussions and one on-site:

Virtual poster sessions

  • Tuesday, 21 June, 06.30-07.00 UTC
  • Thursday, 23 June, 02.00-02.30 UTC

On-site poster session

  • Wednesday, 22 June, 02.00-02.30 UTC

We encourage the poster presenters that they attend ideally both, but at least one of these sessions for interraction. Attendees may also contact you via a chat functionality in Whova outside of these sessionsWe will urge attendees to browse the poster boards during breaks. You are free to arrange meet-ups around your poster board as you wish. 

For virtual and on-site poster session timings, please proceed to https://www.rd-alliance.org/rdas-19th-plenary-programme-0.

Finding your poster 
To find a list of 19th Plenary accepted posters, please navigate to https://www.rd-alliance.org/rdas-19th-plenary-poster-exhibition.

RDA 19 Plenary poster submission process (Now Closed)

Poster Exhibition Virtual and On-Site
Poster presentation sessions will be held virtually on the online event platform Whova and in person in Seoul Dragon City Conference Venue. Posters for both, virtual and onsite, will be held on the Whova platform and will be available to all at all times. Physical poster boards will be displayed in the catering area of Seoul Dragon City Venue. Please note, that physical poster presentation requires the author's physical presence at the conference venue.

Registration for P19
The P19 poster exhibition is part of IDW2022. All poster presenters are required to register for IDW2022. If you have not registered already, please do so at idw2022.org

Poster Format and Specifications

  • One-page landscape/portrait PDF format (10 MB size limit) 

For on-site attendees posters will be printed. Please provide posters with dimensions and resolution suitable for print

  • Portrait orientation
  • Dimensions: 60 cm width x 90 cm height
  • Resolution: 300dpi

How to send us your poster
Please upload your poster file in this Google Drive by the deadline above: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EbwYtAYLUZzLuYwmSz9DhxUL9MvXkOeM.

Additionally, we ask you to fill out a form with details about your poster https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14wG6H9ULT0aUZbuqliyxHES2ppO4YtQ6/edit#gid=1070336838. These details will be uploaded to the Whova platform by the RDA Secretariat directly, so please make sure the information is correct. 

The deadline for submitting the final poster and completing the details in the google document is 27th May 2022. Submissions are now closed.

Useful links:
Virtual Platform Guide Whova can be found at https://www.rd-alliance.org/idw-2022-virtual-platform-guide-whova
Questions or concerns can be sent to secretariat@rda-foundation.org