RDA's 18th Plenary - Privacy policy

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17 September 2021 426 reads


The organizers of VP18 will collect personal information directly from you only via the registration form fields—during the online registration process. Personal information is limited to your job title, professional title, name, email, organization (employer). The organizers will not collect personal information about you from any publicly available sources or via other means. 

The organizers will use your personal information for only the following purposes, for which permission is requested:
* For activities directly related to the management of the Meeting.
* To publish a delegate list (name, affiliation, country), but without contact details.
* To contact you with necessary and useful information about the Meeting (start times, logistical information, changes in programme, etc.).
* To provide public summary, non-identified information about delegates (i.e., numbers from different countries, numbers in different professional roles).
* To contact you to request feedback about your experience at the Meeting.
* To contact you about future RDA Plenary Meetings (managed through an email list from which you may easily unsubscribe).

The organizers will not give your personal information to any third party unless one of the following applies:
* You have specifically consented or requested us to do so.
* You would reasonably expect that your information be passed on to the recipient as part of the provision of products or services to you ancillary to your registration for the Meeting.
* It is required or authorized by law.
* It will prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to somebody’s life or health.

You may easily contact the organizers of VP18 to correct or request removal of any personal information held about you through the following email address: secretariat@rda-foundation.org

By participating in VP18:
1. You consent to being recorded during the Meeting.  You also agree that the organizers may use and publish the recordings as they deem fit to use them, including in connection with any promotional purposes, advertising, exhibition, streaming, webcasting, reproduction, or other publication.
2. You release the VP18 Parties, their employees, and each and all persons involved with the VP18 from (i) any and all liability connected with the recordings, and (ii) any and all claims that you have or may have for infringement of proprietary rights, invasion of privacy, violation of the right of publicity, defamation, or any other cause of action you have or may have arising from or in connection with the foregoing. By default, you waive any right to inspect or approve the recordings. You may, however, request to the VP18 organizers to take down any image, which will be done in a timely manner if the request is deemed appropriate.
3. You waive and release the VP18 Organizers from present and future claims and all liabilities of any kind, known or unknown, arising from your participation in the Meeting or related activities.  
4. You agree you have been fully informed of your consent, waiver of liability, and release before participating in the Meeting.

Meeting registrants & programme 
The organizers of VP18 reserve the right at any time, in their sole discretion, to (i) refuse to accept or to retain any person as a registrant of the Meeting, and (ii) make alterations to any part of the programme in any manner as deemed necessary or desirable.

Professional conduct
Registrants of the Meeting agree to conduct themselves in a cordial manner. The organizers of VP18 will not tolerate any registrant who creates a disturbance, or who is disrespectful to other registrants, organizers, speakers and attendees, exhibitors, volunteers, or staff. The organizers of the Meeting reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to investigate any complaint and to dismiss any registrant found to have violated the Code of Conduct, without refund of registration fees.

Scope of services, Force Majeure
In numerous sessions and networking events, participants can exchange information and learn about topics of the Meeting. The organizers of VP18 assume no responsibility for the topicality, correctness, and completeness of the content of the Meeting and its components. Announced lectures and speakers can be replaced by others.

If the Meeting is cancelled due to force majeure, cancellation of sessions, or insufficient number of participants, registrants will be informed immediately. The registration fee will be reimbursed in such cases.