RDA's 18th Plenary - Poster Exhibition

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01 October 2021 1510 reads

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Accepted poster submissions at VP18

Poster No & Title Main Author Affiliation

1. The RDA FAIRsharing Registry and Recommendations: Interlinking Standards, Databases and Data Policies

Allyson Lister FAIRsharing, Oxford e-Research Centre, University of Oxford
2. Applying Interoperable Metadata Standards (AIMS) - A platform for an advanced metadata management in engineering Matthias Grönewald TU Darmstadt/ULB Darmstadt
3. Recovering and Reusing Archival Data for Science: Investigating Curatorial Practices Across Disciplines Katrina Fenlon University of Maryland, College Park
4. Semantics4FAIR, ontology-based approach for FAIR datasets Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles IRIT - CNRS
5. DataWiz: Research Data Documentation in Psychology Made Easy Erich Weichselgartner Leibniz-Institute for Psychology
6. A step forward to data sharing: developing a publication policy for research data from health-related COVID-19 studies Birte Lindstaedt ZB MED Leibniz Informationcenter Life Sciences
7. POSTER AWARD WINNERResearch data quality assurance at repositories indexed in re3data Dorothea Strecker Humboldt University of Berlin, Berlin School of Library and Information Science
8. Open science - data oriented - training workshop for Marine biologists in Madagascar Sylvie Fiat IRD
9. Field to policy: agrobiodiversity data journeys at CONABIO Irene Ramos CONABIO

10. Australian Research Data Commons - National Software Agenda

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Paula Andrea Martinez Australian Research Data Commons
11. The impact of the BRIDGE of DATA project on scientists' awareness in the research data management - Gdańsk Tech case study Aleksander Mroziński Gdańsk University of Technology
12. Towards a common understanding of sensitive data across regions and disciplines Kristal Spreadborough University of Melbourne
13. dataNooS : Toward a generic and integrated FAIR data management platform Michelle Sibilla Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier
14. Categorisation system for FAIRer digital objects related to sensitive data in the life sciences Romain DAVID ERINHA AISBL (European Research Infrastructure on Highly Pathogenic Agents)
15. FAIRified aerodynamic data cross-fertilization Marianna Braza IMFT CNRS / Toulouse INP
16. EOSC Interoperability Framework as the foundation of the future federated Research Infrastructures: A case study from SLICES-RI Yuri Demchenko University of Amsterdam
17. DMPonline - building an active user community Magdalena Drafiova DCC
18. Supporting Research Data Management skills across disciplines with FAIRsFAIR Competence Centre Gabin Wilfried Kayumbi Science and Technology Facility Council - (UK)

19. Data Stewardship Competence Framework: Instrumental in Organisational Skills Management, Career Path building and Training

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Yuri Demchenko University of Amsterdam
20. How to shape services to improve the FAIRness of the data that they are used for? The FAIRsFAIR service assessment framework Jessica Parland CSC
21. Helping repositories progress towards becoming more FAIR-enabling Ilona von Stein DANS
22. Mixed-methods study discussing the extent, status and value of historic data with researchers Julia Kelly University of Minnesota, Magrath Library
23. Metadata Schemas for FAIR data in Materials Science: SEM use case Reetu Elza Joseph Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
24.  Management of ship data – lessons from the SAIL project Susana Barbosa INESC TEC
25. Korean reseach data repository to support overall scholarly reseach data activity Jung-Ho Um   KISTI