RDA's 17th Plenary Meeting - Accessibility

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13 April 2021 1018 reads

Accessibility - Otter.ai

We will be using Otter.ai services to provide a live transcript during the all plenary sessions and the opening and closing talks. If you wish to access and use the otter.ai live transcript services, please email: vp17registrationenquiries@rd-alliance.org.

Please note: that you will need to create an Otter.ai basic account (which is free) in order to access the live transcript.

1) Sign up for a free Otter.ai account

2) Join the RDA VP 17 group  

If you require access to the live transcript, please let us know by emailing: vp17registrationenquiries@rd-alliance.org . Once added, you will receive an automated email from Otter.ai confirming your access to the RDA VP 17 group. To view the live transcript:

  • Log into Otter.ai and you should see groups on the

  • You should see groups in the menu on the left of your screen

  • Select RDA VP 17 Group

  • Once the live session has started, select the session title to see the live transcript

Note: If the session has started and you cannot see the session title within the group, you may need to refresh the page.


3) Download the transcript

The full transcript will be available to download approximately 3-4 hours after the session has finished. To ensure your continued access, we recommend downloading the transcript:

  • Go to the RDA VP 17 group

  • Click on the session title to view the transcript

  • Select the menu button at the top of the transcript (3 dots)

  • Select export text