RDA/GEO BoF on Moving from Observations to Information and Knowledge - RDA 9th Plenary BoF meeting

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Meeting title: RDA follow-up meeting and discussions on forming a WG

Short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group

Data is a poorly understood umbrella term in research. Commonly understood as the values organized in rows and columns of a spreadsheet, in reality there is observational data, experimental data, simulation data. There are feature and trend data sets. In earth and environmental sciences, the term observations is commonly used. Are observations just data and if not how are they different? Moreover, we increasingly speak of information and its transfer into knowledge fit for decisions, as well as systems’ ability to mine information from research data. There is a need to clarify what these terms mean, how they are connected and how they are applied, in the research context. Our aim is to provide a platform for discussing and advancing this subject matter.

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Meeting objectives

The meeting will explore the value chain from observations to information and knowledge, and discuss forming a RDA/GEO WG on the subject.

Meeting agenda

The meeting will briefly highlight how the terms observations, information, and knowledge are commonly used in research, specifically also in the context of research infrastructures. We will underscore that the terms are poorly understood, and consensus on their definitions and the processes that relate them seems hard to achieve. We briefly present some use cases that demonstrate and implement the transition from observations to information about observed environments, and knowledge supporting decisions. We will discuss the possibility of forming a RDA/GEO WG on the subject, and propose an outline for a case statement to be delivered for the next plenary. An important decision will be whether to join an existing RDA IG, and which one. A more detailed agenda will be provided later.

Audience: The Communities of Practice working on/with Earth Observation data.

Group chair serving as contact person: Markus Stocker (co-chairs: Ari Asmi, Stefano Nativi, Jay Pearlman, Peter Wittenburg)

Type of meeting: Working meeting