RDA/EOSC Upcoming Deadlines: Survey and Open Call Closing Soon

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14 Feb 2023

RDA/EOSC Upcoming Deadlines: Survey and Open Call Closing Soon

Survey: RDA Awareness of the European Open Science Cloud - Deadline 24 February

RDA members are being called to action to help complete a short survey aimed at understanding global awareness of a European initiative called the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). As part of a global cross-disciplinary community your input will contribute to the RDA's efforts to promote data-sharing and data-driven research, and help the RDA in it’s role to widen the awareness of and engagement with EOSC among disciplinary communities. The survey will enable RDA to assess the awareness of EOSC in the larger, global Open Science landscape and will also help us to identify existing and potential community pathways and good practices from the global perspective. The survey results will be used to develop engagement mechanisms for EOSC, by way of a report and practical support materials. If you have any questions about this survey, you can contact Joan Murphy for further information.


To complete the survey please click on the following link (or copy and paste it into your browser):




EOSC in a Nutshell: EOSC is eco-system co-created and funded by a series of projects and initiatives from EU Member States and Associated Countries, with the EOSC Portal offering access to the European data space for science, research and innovation. Through the EOSC Catalogue and Marketplace the research community now has direct access to services and resources for Open Science which are available across most disciplines, with access not limited to European researchers.

Optimising (RDA) Open Science Frameworks and Guidelines in the context of EOSC – Deadline 27 February

This call invites applications from research groups, including the RDA groups, to demonstrate how RDA-developed data sharing concepts and solutions can be reused, optimised and implemented in the EOSC context, particularly in the context of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Portal Catalogue and Marketplace. EOSC is building a federated infrastructure to support Europe’s data output and works to enable the discovery and re-use of FAIR research data. In this context RDA plays a key role to underpin new and existing pathways to sharing research data. Many specifications already exist in RDA for data sharing and these can be refined and further developed via this call.


EOSC is a new concept for many research communities and work still needs to be done to understand and enable data  sharing and re-use across the research lifecycle, by making content FAIR and discoverable via a federated system such as EOSC. RDA is running a series of calls, as part of the EOSC Future project, to further enable integration and take up of EOSC services. This call specifically targets small projects to show implementation and take-up of existing outputs and specifications, specifically those that the RDA community has enabled. The call aims to support and encourage  adoption of existing RDA outputs and recommendations which can benefit the community around EOSC and to promote new examples and lessons learnt. See a list of currently funded RDA/EOSC Future Open Call projects here. The scope is wide-ranging and projects should be short, and focused for a period of three months.


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