RDA/ADHO Workshop: Evaluating Research Data Infrastructure Components and Engaging in their Development

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12 Jul 2016 UTC

RDA/ADHO Workshop: Evaluating Research Data Infrastructure Components and Engaging in their Development

12 Jul 2016

You are invited to a full-day workshop, sponsored by the Research Data Alliance (RDA), leading up to the DH2016 conference in Kraków, Poland.  The workshop will be focused on evaluating and engaging data infrastructure in the humanities.  RDA is an international initiative to facilitate the development of effective data practices, standards and infrastructure in particular research domains, and across domains. It aims to enhance capacity to archive, preserve, analyze and share data, and for collaboration both within and across research communities.

The purpose of this workshop is to conduct a meaningful examination of the data fabric and infrastructure components being defined by the RDA, to test their relevance and applicability to the needs of the digital humanities community, and to discuss opportunities for humanities engagement in further standards development.  This will be a full day workshop in the format of a hands-on round-table and open discussion. Participants will be asked to come prepared to discuss details of particular use cases, as well as solutions and needs relevant to two of the initial outputs of the RDA: the Persistent Identifier (PID) Types and Data Types Registry (DTR).  In advance of the workshop, organizers will provide summaries of these outputs and detailed examples of their analysis for use cases in humanities and other relevant domains.  

We are seeking workshop participants with both established and emerging projects. Leading up to the workshop, we will ask participants to fill out a questionnaire and create a use case.

If you are interested in attending this workshop, please contact Lindsay Poirier, poiril[at]rpi.edu, for further information.  

Workshop Leaders: Bridget Almas, Tufts University (bridget.almas[at]tufts.edu); Kim Fortun, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (fortuk[at]rpi.edu); Natalie Harrower, Digital Repository of Ireland, (n.harrower[at]ria.ie); Eveline Wandl-Vogt, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Dariah-EU, (Eveline.Wandl-Vogt[at]oeaw.ac.at)

This workshop will take place during the Digital Humanities 2016 conference in Kraków, Poland, July 11-16.

Registration: To participate in this workshop, individuals should register for DH2016 at http://dh2016.adho.org/registration/ and be sure to also register for the workshop.