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12 January 2023 362 reads

RDA4EOSC - RDA supporting the internationalisation and implementation of EOSC 

Detailed overview of activities  

Pillar 1: Identify and prepare new scientific and research communities to engage with EOSC 

View the assessment report and recommendations.

Pillar 2: Adoption and implementation of technological and/or domain specific research data solutions in EOSC 

Pillar 3: Connecting EOSC with international stakeholders via RDA governance 

A Commons Compendium 

Supporting coordination amongst national, pan-national and domain specific reasearch commons. 

View the Commons Compendium.

Pillar 4: Gaining international consensus and input on EOSC 

RDA Community Memos 

RDA4EOSC Community Memo - Identification and engagement with research communities 

RDA4EOSC Community Memo - RDA Communites of Practice 

RDA4EOSC Community Memo - UN SDGs and RDA 

RDA4EOSC Community Memo - RDA and EOSC Strategies


Pillar 5: Institutional, policy maker and global stakeholder engagement