RDA TIGER Service Spotlight: Facilitation

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RDA TIGER Service Spotlight: Facilitation
28 Aug 2023

RDA TIGER Service Spotlight: Facilitation

Just a few days to go until the next evaluation round deadline for #RDATIGER support services! Today we spotlight the #Facilitation service, the core of our services!

Submit your application and get support for your Research Data Alliance Working Group from inception to completion: https://www.rd-alliance.org/open-call-rda-working-group-facilitation-support

More on the RDA TIGER Facilitation Service:

The Facilitation Service is the core of the RDA TIGER services. Each Working Group receiving support from RDA TIGER is assigned a Facilitator, on the basis of their domain knowledge and availability, who acts as the primary contact between the WG and the rest of the TIGER project and other services. The Facilitator supports WGs from initiation to finalisation phase.

At the outset of the Working Group, including the lead up to the formal initiation of the WG, the Facilitation service helps with identifying group members and co-chairs, drafting of the WG Case Statement, responding to community feedback, drawing up a workplan and timeline for the WG internal milestones and achievements, and helping with the early definition of the WG’s final Recommendation.

During the working phase of the WG (i.e., from approximately 3-15 months), the Facilitator assists with the professional management of the WG meetings, including meeting organisation, meeting planning with WG members, and contributing to the periodic reporting of the progress of the WG to the RDA TIGER project and other RDA bodies. 

As the WG draws to the end of its 18-month lifespan, the Facilitator will help the WG in finalisation of their Recommendation and other outputs. This can mean the practical organisation of work, maintaining internal communications, document control (access, responding to comments), editing documents, assigning tasks, and ensuring that the document goes through the formal submission processes of requesting RDA community and TAB feedback. At this stage, the Facilitator will also inform the WG of the potential support available from RDA TIGER’s Output services, and help the communication and liaison between that service and the WG.

Find out more about the RDA TIGER Services: https://www.rd-alliance.org/rda-tiger-services