RDA TIGER Service Spotlight: Communications

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RDA TIGER Service Spotlight: Communications
29 Aug 2023

RDA TIGER Service Spotlight: Communications

Day 2 of our #RDATIGER Services spotlight! Today we present the #Communications service, which supports your Research Data Alliance Working Group throughout its lifetime in reaching the right audience & disseminating your Recommendations and Outputs! Submit your application before the next evaluation round deadline of 31 August: https://www.rd-alliance.org/open-call-rda-working-group-support-services

More on the RDA TIGER Communications Service:
RDA TIGER provides a tailored communications service for supported WGs. This service is vital to ensure that the RDA community is aware of WG developments, to ensure there is no duplication of work and to contribute to the overall awareness of relevant updates at each stage of the WGs.

The type of communication support provided depends on the stage of the WGs in their lifecycle. During the early stages at Group initiation, RDA TIGER can provide the initial dissemination for finding potential WG members to participate in the activities. The communication tools used at this point are the RDA, CODATA, DANS and eScience Cetnre channels and other multiplier networks available to the team (e.g., EOSC Association, GÉANT, OpenAIRE, EGI, EUDAT, etc.), social media, and website announcements. Special activities, such as direct contact, participation in conferences/workshops, or even special planning workshops can be organised if required.

During the main period of work of the WG, RDA TIGER can provide group-internal communication services where necessary, such as group webpage updates and maintenance, group mailing list management, communication tools management and provision (e.g., Slack, Google Drive, etc.), group meetings support (in coordination with the senior facilitator), communication with the RDA Secretariat as and when needed. The RDA TIGER Communications team can also provide external communication services, such as group progress and general news dissemination within RDA with website posts, banners and sliders, news items and via the RDA Global newsletter, etc., external mailing list management (if applicable), RDA Plenary preparation support, graphic materials creation, and event management support (in coordination with the Facilitator).

In the final stages for the WG towards Ouput and Recommendation creation, the team can work with the WGs on Output-specific targeted dissemination, including social media posts, events, graphical materials, podcasts, interview recordings and the creation of Adoption Stories, aiming to ensure community awareness of the WG output in the relevant target groups.

Find out more about the RDA TIGER Services: https://www.rd-alliance.org/rda-tiger-services