RDA Technical Advisory Board 2020 Elections Outcome

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25 Nov 2020

RDA Technical Advisory Board 2020 Elections Outcome

In October, the RDA Community was first asked if any members wished to nominate a member and/or candidate themselves to serve on the Technical Advisory Board (https://rd-alliance.org/about-rda/our-leadership/rda-technical-advisory-board.html)  (TAB) from 2020 to 2023. This is an annual process within RDA, with the goal of electing new members to replace existing ones whose terms have expired.  The RDA Secretariat received eight nominations, seconded by RDA community members. The elections were open from 9th to 23rd November. The results were extremely close and we are delighted to announce that the new members of TAB, elected by the RDA community, are:

  • Karin Breitman, Americas, Engineering and Technology
  • Gretchen Greene, Americas, Natural Sciences
  • Sarah Jones, Europe and Africa, Humanities
  • João Rocha da Silva, Europe and Africa, Engineering and Technology
  • Mingfang Wu, Asia and Oceania, Engineering and Technology

We would like to express our gratitude to the following three candidates, who were not called to serve this year, by a very, very small margin:

  • Rossella Aversa, Europe and Africa, Engineering and Technology
  • Jesus Carretero, Europe and Africa, Engineering and Technology
  • Juliane Schneider, Americas, Medical and Health Sciences

We look forward to working with the five new TAB members and sincerely hope that the three other candidates will stand for election next year and continue to actively support RDA as they have done so far. Of course, with the addition of these new members, this means that five TAB members complete their terms. On behalf of the whole RDA community, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Francoise Genova, Sarah Ramdeen, Rainer Stotzka, Andrew Treloar, and Jane Wyngaard for their passion, professionalism, expertise and energy that they have generously dedicated to RDA via their role on TAB over the past 3, 6 or 7 years. RDA is truly lucky to have passionate volunteer members like them. And while we look forward to a new TAB composition, they will be very sorely missed.


Francoise, Sarah, Rainer, Andrew and Jane, thank you all so much and we really do hope that you continue to be active, driving members of the RDA community.


Best regards,

Hilary Hanahoe
RDA Secretary General