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First RDA Output Adoption Webinar - Reproducible Health Research. 22 March. The RDA Working and Interest groups work hard to develop outputs that provide technical and social solutions to solve data sharing challenges globally.  These outputs are of great value to a wide range of organisations and individuals that deal with research data. Not all stakeholders are aware of these valuable assets that the RDA community has to offer freely.  A task force has been set-up to support the RDA community in promoting the uptake of its outputs globally and cross-domain. This recently formed Global RDA Adoption Team aims to widely promote the uptake of RDA outputs among stakeholders in all its regions and domains through training, improving the visibility of outputs, the sharing of adoption stories and stakeholder engagement at RDA plenary meetings. One line of action this team is working on is a series of webinars that aim to train stakeholders for adoption. The webinars will highlight outputs for adoption, ask adopters to tell their story and show the added value of RDA. 

2nd and last wave of RDA Europe Ambassador Grants - Call for applications now open!
26 February 2018.

OpenAIRE, RDA Europe, FAIRsFAIR and EOSC-hub are happy to announce a series of three workshops, two in April and one in September, called ‘Services to Support FAIR Data’.  The purpose of this workshop series is to explore how existing infrastructures can work together and understand how to deliver services that support the creation of FAIR research outputs.

With less than four weeks left before the 13th RDA Plenary, please secure your hotel reservations as soon as possible.

The 2019 Research Data Access and Preservation Summi) will be at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL from May 15-17, 2019. The theme is Building Communities: how different communities are impacted by our systems, technology, values, and practices; who our communities are by and for; and data services examined through a critical lens.

The RDA Europe Industry Advisory Board (RDA IAB), conducted a series of interviews with private sector representatives. The interviews focused in four areas: the role of data in the companies’ activity, the recurring problems that the companies encounter in this scenario, the initiatives to solve these recurring problems, and the opportunities for academia and industry to collaborate in their mutual benefit. The conclusions of this survey are reported and explained.

The NeIC conferences are organised biannually bringing together around 230 experts, researchers, policy makers, funders and national eIntrastructure providers from the Nordics and beyond. The aim is to create an opportunity for people in the eInfrastructure field to connect and collaborate with colleagues across the Nordics and to enable them to share knowledge and expertise.

The workshop "Linking Open Science in Austria" is a joint experience by OpenAIRE, OpenAIRE NOAD Austria, e-infrastructure Austria Plus, RDA Europe, RDA Austria, GO FAIR International, Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, FAIRsFAIR, EOSC-hub and is organised by Vienna University Library.

In response to the ongoing conversations about our potential to do more and be more effective as "researchers and innovators openly share data across technologies, disciplines, and countries to address the grand challenges of society", we are trial-running the first RDA unconference at P13. 

With the RDA 13th Plenary Meeting only five weeks away, we wanted to remind you of three very important deadlines: