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Partial Refund for Ticket Cancellations Ends Soon

If you have registered and paid to attend the International Data Week 2023 but your plans have changed you must cancel your ticket by September 22, 2023 (23:59 CET) to receive an 80% refund. The remaining 20% of the fee contributes to administration costs incurred. Notifications received after September 22, 2023 (23:59, CET) are not refundable.

The RDA/EOSC Future team has launched a series of bulletins aiming to give a flavour of  the impact of the RDA/EOSC Furure Open Calls Programme.

In this August issue, we look at the recent outputs of four more cross-disciplinary projects, and the common thread of engaging researchers in Open Science. The Ambassador work has also continued in this theme and is presented in this issue

For those planning to attend in-person, our ‘Early Bird’ reduced registration rates are only available until the 15th September, so register today if you have not already. 

After this, full price in-person tickets will be available to purchase from the 16th September. For those attending virtually, registration will be available at a fixed rate from the 20th October.

Register here: https://www.rd-alliance.org/idw-2023-registration

13 September, 14:00 UTC 

This webinar will present the first deliverables published by the WorldFAIR case studies on Chemistry and Nanomaterials.

Register here! 


Aligning IUPAC Standards with FAIR Data Practices

The RDA Secretariat provided three 'Making the most of the 21st Plenary Meeting [part of International Data Week 2023]' webinars with an overview of the Research Data Alliance, promoting the 21st Plenary and the upcoming International Data Week 2023. 

The webinar were held at various time zones and covered

  • How RDA Working and Interest groups work;

Community Cross-fertilisation Workshop: RDA for UN SDG 17: Capacity building, data sharing, infrastructure and development

Local challenges, Global solutions: achieving Open Science goals through international collaboration and cooperation.

Session Overview:

From 23-26 October 21st Plenary (P21) meeting will be taking place as part of International Data Week 2023 in the Salzburg Congress venue in Salzburg and online. 

This event will be an inclusive and celebratory Festival of Data, with in-person and virtual components, highlighting the opportunities for the positive transformation of our world in the light of many global challenges.

Day 2 of our #RDATIGER Services spotlight! Today we present the #Communications service, which supports your Research Data Alliance Working Group throughout its lifetime in reaching the right audience & disseminating your Recommendations and Outputs!

Just a few days to go until the next evaluation round deadline for #RDATIGER support services! Today we spotlight the #Facilitation service, the core of our services!