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The DDI-CODATA ‘Dagstuhl Organisers Group’ (see below) is organising a workshop at Schloss Dagstuhl on Sept 24-29, 2023, in Wadern, Germany with a focus on DDI-CDI and its implementation. While the workshop is strictly limited for space, a small number of seats are available and we would welcome participation from interested individuals. The topics under consideration are listed below.

The Research Data Alliance 21st Plenary (RDA P21) as part of International Data Week 2023 (IDW 2023) is scheduled as a hybrid event and will take place on 23–26 October 2023. Themed as a festival of data, P21 will be held in-person in Salzburg, Austria and virtually.

Community Cross-fertilisation Workshop: RDA for Persistent Identifiers

The community cross-fertilisation workshop ‘RDA for Persistent Identifiers’ brings RDA community groups and members together with the wider research data community for a discussion about the future of persistent identifiers (PIDs) within the community. 

On Friday 12 May 2023 at 23.59 UTC the RDA Council Elections closed. The RDA global community were asked to vote for four new members to join the nine-person board, responsible for the Research Data Alliance global vision, strategy and organisational health.

The future for virtual research environments (VREs) warrants exploration as we consider the possibilities that extend well beyond research and high-performance computing into new interfaces, applications and user communities. In this discussion, we look retrospectively at the successes of representative gateways thus far. This serves to highlight existing gaps VREs need to overcome in areas such as accessibility, usability and interoperability, and in the need for broader outreach by drawing insights from technology adoption research.

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The Research Data Alliance (RDA) celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year! RDA-US is using this milestone as an opportunity to celebrate the community of US members who have contributed leadership, support, and ideas to numerous RDA outputs and guidance documents over the decade.

Please join us for an afternoon showcase of new and existing projects in the RDA-US community in Washington, D.C. on May 23rd. 

16 May 2023, 13:00 UTC

About WorldFAIR

Following the call for nominations in February for four open RDA Council positions, the Council Nominations Committee have reviewed the submissions received.  Five nominees are deemed eligible to enter the 2023 Council elections to be voted on by the RDA community:

RDA 20th Plenary Wrap Up 
In late March 2023 the Research Data Alliance celebrated its 10th Anniversary during the 20th Plenary Meeting. The Plenary returned to Sweden, where the RDA was first launched in March 2013. 
With the 20th Plenary now behind us, we want to share the summary of what work was undertaken over six months of planning, preparation and delivery.