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Applications are invited for the position of Training and Engagement Manager as part of the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) team located at the Royal Irish Academy (RIA).

The WorldFAIR project held a series of successful workshops between July and October 2022 to introduce and complete FAIR Implementation Profiles (FIPs) with eleven case study work packages.  This process culminated in a plenary meeting of the WorldFAIR case studies, “FIPs in WorldFAIR: What have we learnt?” which took place as part of the FAIR Convergence Symposium in Leiden on 25 October 2022.

The European Research Data Alliance Association (RDA-A) is happy to introduce a new support services project for RDA Working Groups, RDA TIGER (*). Coordinated by the RDA-A in Belgium, the project also includes contributions from CODATA, Netherlands eScienceCenter, and DANS

For the RDA members, this new project provides many potential support services.

Please join us this coming Tuesday, Nov 22 at 17:00 UTC, for the webinar titled “Integrating Research Data Management Services using maDMPs” hosted by the @RDA_US and presented by the RDA DMP Common Standards WG. 

The EOSC Future project and RDA have launched an open call for the Interoperability Framework Adoption Grant. Deadline 13 December 16 CET, Grants up to Eur 30,000 available. 

FAIR into practice in the vision of a European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)

The Research Software Funders Forum requests feedback from the international scientific community to understand the needs of scientists in the areas of development and enhancement of research software and the associated ecosystems. This feedback will be used by the group to investigate the possibility of issuing a joint multilateral call to fund projects related to research software.

We are delighted to announce five new projects that are funded under the RDA Open Calls programme in the European EOSC Future project. The projects are European-based, and disciplinary focused, diverse in aims and goals, but all draw on the RDA outputs, and working on different aspects of data sharing and technical solutions for open data in their disciplines. 

A bit of context

This webinar, presented by the RDA DMP Common Standards WG, will familiarize participants with the RDA recommendation on machine-actionable DMPs.  Register here.

8 November 2022, 9.30am
Auckland University of Technology and online

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When a crisis occurs, having access to up-to-date information is crucial for effective decision-making.


In the disaster risk reduction space, data can often come from multiple sources, formats and can be either inconsistent or incomplete.