21 March 2019 2092 reads

Find your breakout session by theme

Welcome to the RDA Plenary Pathways for P13!

The Plenary Pathways are the result of a joint effort between TAB and OA that are intended to provide a guide that helps to light a way through the rich diversity of topics that the plenary presents. As such, they are meant to enhance rather than constrain, to highlight convergences, and to propose divergences you may not have considered.
The Plenary Pathways are being made available to the general membership for the first time during this plenary.
We hope that they generally brighten your plenary experience.

To help us understand how you used them, if they were helpful, and if we should continue to invest resources in developing pathways for future plenaries, please share your experience here.
Please find the Pathways below – We hope you have an illuminating plenary!