RDA for PIDs Community Cross-Fertilisation Workshop

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RDA for PIDs Community Cross-Fertilisation Workshop
31 May 2023 UTC

RDA for PIDs Community Cross-Fertilisation Workshop

31 May 2023

Community Cross-fertilisation Workshop: RDA for Persistent Identifiers

The community cross-fertilisation workshop ‘RDA for Persistent Identifiers’ brings RDA community groups and members together with the wider research data community for a discussion about the future of persistent identifiers (PIDs) within the community. 

This workshop is part of a thematic workshop series to commemorate ‘A Decade of Data: Celebrating 10 Years of the RDA’. 

Date: Wednesday, 31 May

Time: 07:00 - 08:45 UTC

Location: Online - Register now

About the workshop:

Participants will have the opportunity to answer and discuss the following questions:

  • What are the main challenges that should be addressed within the theme of persistent identifiers over the next two years? 

  • How can the RDA community groups address these challenges over the next two years? 

  • What initiatives and/or communities could the RDA community implement/collaborate with to advance the theme of persistent identifiers?

Preliminary workshop agenda

Time (UTC) 

Agenda Item


07:00 - 07:10     

Welcome and introduction 


07:10 - 07:20 

Report out Question 1 


07:20 - 07:40

Discussion Question 1 

All participants

07:40 - 07:50 

Report out Question 2


07:50 - 08:10

Discussion Question 2

All participants

08:10 - 08:20

Report out Question 3 


08:20 - 08:40

Discussion Question 3 

All participants

08:40 - 08:45

Closing remarks and next steps      



We look forward to your participation. If you have questions or comments about the community cross-fertilisation workshop ‘RDA for Persistent Identifiers’, please contact our Community Development Manager, Kathryn Barker (kathryn.barker@ardc.edu.au). 

This event is designed for RDA community members. Would you like to join the RDA community? Register to become a member.