RDA pathway to Open Science in Europe: the impact of RDA solutions and National Nodes at the OS Fair workshop

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RDA pathway to Open Science in Europe: the impact of RDA solutions and National Nodes at the OS Fair workshop
02 Aug 2019

RDA pathway to Open Science in Europe: the impact of RDA solutions and National Nodes at the OS Fair workshop

August  2019

From 16 to 18 September 2019 the Open Science Fair in Porto will critically showcase the elements required for the transition to Open Science. The RDA will actively contribute to the workshop’s agenda with four sessions facilitated by RDA Working Groups and RDA Europe partners focusing on FAIR Data management, national plans for implementing the EOSC and services supporting research data.


The Portuguese node of the Research Data Alliance

Facilitated by INESC TEC, the RDA Europe Portuguese National Node, and other seven Portugese universities, higher education institutions and research centres, the workshop is aimed at disseminating RDA and its outputs in the country hosting the fair, taking advantage of the visibility to the communities there.


The Journey to EOSC - preparing at national level

EOSC is gathering a huge momentum, and how this new research support network is established at national level is now at a critical stage, aspects of which are ongoing at a variety of implementation levels in some member states. While activities are different in each country, they could benefit from and be supported by alignment and good practice exchange. This workshop initiated by OpenAIRE, EOSC hub, and RDA Europe will explore, with the support of the recently funded EOSCsecretariat.eu project, two areas of implementing EOSC at the national level: establishing action plans and working with research groups and libraries to raise awareness about EOSC.

In particular the workshop will touch on how national action plans can help develop value added support and commitments for local infrastructure within the EOSC vision and serve local research groups.


Fostering a FAIR research culture - what works?

Facilitated, among others, by the RDA FAIRsharing Working Group, the Working Group on FAIR Maturity and the RDA Data Policy Standardisation Interest Group, this workshop will explore how projects and other initiatives are actively working to map the environment for different domains and to identify examples of what works when trying to incentivise FAIR data practices. This workshop will be relevant for policy makers and funders, researchers, research infrastructures, research performing organisations, publishers, service providers and research support staff.


Services to support FAIR Data – Formulating recommendations for EOSC

In the larger context of Open Science, a number of priorities and recommendations already exist aimed at ensuring that services supporting research data are effectively providing a technical ecosystem for FAIR data. This workshop is the third of the series organized by RDA Europe with FAIRsFAIR, OpenAIRE, EOSC-hub and FREYA. It will seek feedback from a broader audience on the recommendations gathered during the first two exploratory workshops (10 April and 24 April 2019) and it will aim for a set of practical guidelines to address the lack of embedded tools and services supporting Open Science.



OSFair2019 is organized as an emblematic initiative of OpenAIRE, co-organized by 3 other EU projects in the area of Open Science: FIT4RRI, EOSC Secretariat and FAIRsFAIR. It is locally curated by the University of Minho. https://www.opensciencefair.eu