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20 February 2014 2076 reads

BoF Public sector information

Chaired by Simon Cox, simon.cox[at]csiro.au

Public sector data is often an essential input to research efforts in both natural and social sciences, and some is research data in its own right (census/statistics, environmental monitoring data, geological survey data, climate and met data, public health data). Furthermore, the research sector is often involved with the public sector in joint projects or contracts that generate new data that then go into public sector custodianship. However, the public sector has its own requirements, culture, policies and practices related to licensing and pricing, persistence, access, discovery, identification etc, which are not necessary aligned with emerging practices in the academic community. In some regards the public sector may be ahead of the academic community and so might contribute to potential solutions.

This BoF meeting will allow some of the concerns and experiences of public sector data providers to be exposed in RDA.

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  • Max Craglia, EC-JRC – Public sector data publication in Europe
  • Tim Duffy, British Geological Survey – Mapping and environmental data
  • Alex Coley, data.gov.* - Linked data in the public sector
  • Simon Cox, on behalf of Gemma van Halderen, Australian Bureau of Statistics.