Research Data Alliance Outputs - Download the booklet!

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20 May 2015

Research Data Alliance Outputs - Download the booklet!

The Research Data Alliance (RDA)  rises to the challenge of changing global data practices by providing concrete solutions to address some of today’s many, many data challenges. 

Two years since its launch RDA has already published tangible outputs aiming to achieve seamless interoperability, trust, and ultimately to provide growth & employment opportunities by making data re-use less expensive.

So far 8 RDA Working Groups have provided Outputs. Working groups are envisioned as accelerants to data sharing practice and infrastructure in the short-term with the overarching goal of advancing global data-driven discovery and innovation in the long-term.

The booklet provides an overview of the Outputs pushing forward for: 

•New data standards or harmonization of existing standards.

•Greater data sharing, exchange, interoperability, usability and re-usability

•Greater discoverability of research data sets

•Better management, stewardship, and preservation of research data


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