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29 Aug 2019

My RDA Journey, Meet RDA Ambassadors, Member Spotlight and P14 updates: RDA August Newsletter

Every member of the RDA community is unique and has a different reason for being involved. Sharing your RDA Journey helps others understand the value of the community.  This month's newsletter features Hilary Hanahoe's invitation to send few sentences on your RDA experience, the six new RDA Ambassadors and a report from the RDA Europe Ambassador for the Humanities, highlights on RDA Plenary 14th, upcoming events and much more. Don't miss it!

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02 Aug 2019

Lynn Yarmey is moving on to new pastures

It is bittersweet to share that Lynn Yarmey, Director of Community Development for RDA/US and Secretariat Lead for Group Management, after over 3 years of service is moving on to her next endeavour with the City of Boulder in Colorado, USA. 

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26 Jul 2019

RDA 15th Plenary in Melbourne, CODATA Science Journal RDA Special Collection, RDA & COAR Collaboration, P14 Highlights & more: the July Newsletter is out!

RDA's 15th Plenary Meeting is officially announced, taking place from 18 - 20 March 2020 in Melbourne, Australia. As part of the Australian tour, Hilary Hanahoe will be giving a Webinar on 7 August at 12 noon AEST. In this release, you will also read about the launch of Ireland’s National Framework on the Transition to an Open Research Environment and about the newly established collaboration with the Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR). The CODATA Science Journal RDA Special collection is gathering research results from RDA Working and Interest Groups. Four Recommendations and Outputs are currently open for Community Review. And much more: happy reading!

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25 Jul 2019

The Business of RDA - July 2019

In a new monthly update, the community is offered this overview of “Business” updates.  This first overview is a little more comprehensive and extensive to briefly cover the various roles and responsibilities of each of the bodies.  Future updates will focus primarily on the latest activities within each group.

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24 Jul 2019

Learn how RDA can Help you with your Data Management Plan - 31 July Webinar

In an effort to educate data professionals about the value of adopting RDA Recommendations and Outputs within their work, RDA is holding a series of webinars over the upcoming months. This webinar, scheduled for 31 July, will focus specifically on RDA groups and outputs related to Data Management Plans.

Attendees will have the opportunity to converse directly with the group chairs who have led the development of these outputs.

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12 Jun 2019

RDA June Newsletter: Requests for Comments, Call for TAB Nominations, Plenary 14 and more

RDA is seeking candidates for the annual Technical Advisory Board (TAB) election, to be held in October and November 2019. The call for the RDA community to comment on the documents open for review, the call for papers for the CODATA Research Data Alliance Results Special Collection, new adoption stories of RDA Outputs and upcoming events and workshop: all this and much more featured in this month's newsletter!

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10 Jun 2019

Call for Nominations for the 2019 RDA Technical Advisory Board

RDA is seeking candidates for the annual Technical Advisory Board (TAB) election, to be held in October and November 2019.  TAB Terms are for three (3) years. We encourage participation from RDA members at all stages of their careers. Please note that current members of RDA’s Council, Secretariat, and Organizational Advisory Board are not eligible for TAB membership. 

Nominations will be accepted until 23:59 UTC on 15 September 2019. See below for more detail.

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