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25 Jul 2022

RDA Month in Review: Community Review for CoPs and Groups: New Recommendations, Job Openings and more

3 August is Deadline to Comment on Two New RDA Communities of Practice

Two new Communities of Practice were submitted for approval by RDA last month - the Neuroimaging CoP and the Psychological Data CoP. In accordance with RDA procedures, members are encouraged to review the agreements and provide comments on their mission and objectives.

By 3 August, please take a few minutes to provide your feedback.

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13 Jun 2022

RDA Council 2022: Hello and Goodbye

Following the RDA Council Elections earlier this year, some changes in this strategic board will take effect from 13 June 2022. The RDA Council is responsible for the overall oversight, success, strategy, and sustainability of the organisation and is a very important governance board. The range and breadth of expertise and skills on the Council is phenomenal and each member provides their time and efforts on a volunteer basis for the benefit of the global community.

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14 Apr 2022

Upcoming Deadlines

Dear RDA Community,

April is another one of those months when there are so many exciting things taking place that we felt it important to send you a brief email listing them all with their associated deadlines. If you can, take a few minutes to review and flag them in the case they are of interest to you.

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