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12 Nov 2018

RDA Regional Engagement - Important Update

Dear RDA Community Members,

Since its inception in 2013, the RDA has grown rapidly. As of November 2018, it now has nearly 7500 individual members based in over 137 countries. In light of this growth, the RDA Council concluded in 2017 that the overall strategy needed to be revisited to create a resilient organisation able to deliver on its commitments and satisfy the community and stakeholders. In November 2017, four sub-committees were created, one of which focused on regional engagement.

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11 Oct 2018

New Request for Comments from FAIRsharing Working Group

Dear RDA Community Members,

On 8 October 2018, the RDA BioSharing Registry: connecting data policies, standards & databases in life sciences Working Group was renamed to the FAIRSharing Registry: connecting data policies, standards & databases RDA Working Group. This change was approved by RDA Council following interaction with RDA Technical Advisory Board and the Working Group Co-chairs.

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04 Oct 2018

2018 RDA TAB Election - Candidate Announcement

RDA is pleased to announce the candidates nominated for the 2018 Technical Advisory Board election.  Five members will be added to TAB in this cycle.  Online voting will open at RDA P12/International Data Week (5 Nov 2018) and will remain open for two weeks through 18 Nov 2018.  All RDA members are encouraged to review the posted candidate statements and information prior: https://rd-alliance.org/tab-elections-2018-candidate-details.

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