RDA Membership Demonstrates Commitment to Data Access and Preservation at RDAP 2015

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08 May 2015

RDA Membership Demonstrates Commitment to Data Access and Preservation at RDAP 2015

In April, the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) hosted the 2015 Research Data Access and Preservation Summit (RDAP15) in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Attended by practitioners and researchers, including many members of the Research Data Alliance (RDA), the summit enabled cross-discipline collaboration across multiple organizations to solve research data management issues. 

Cynthia Hudson-Vitale, Digital Data Outreach Librarian at Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) as well as an active member within the RDA, attended the Summit and was gracious enough to provide insight on her experience.  In addition to serving on its planning committee, she was on a panel that discussed local communities of practice around data at WUSTL.

“The individuals who attend RDAP, in my opinion, are one of the largest cohorts to adopt and disseminate knowledge about research data services (including data management planning, data preservation and data sharing). It is a great conference for exchanging practices and ideas around research data services within libraries and other organizations,” said Cynthia.

The program was robust and featured numerous subject matter experts. Program topics included sessions on how libraries are retooling their institutional repositories to curate research data, the workflows involved in curation and preservation, strategies to improve metadata, and the best methods for reaching and educating stakeholders about managing research data and data sharing.

When asked how her experience at the event ties into her RDA activities, she stated, “As a member of a few working groups and an early adopter of RDA outcomes, RDAP was a fantastic opportunity to discuss practices for implementing RDA outcomes, specifically PIDs for dynamic data and data foundation terminology as a common vocabulary.”

Additional members from RDA/US participated in panel and roundtable discussions, lightning talks, and the poster session.  These members included:

  • Regina Avila, NIST
  • Amy Barton, Purdue 
  • Aaron Collie, Michigan State University
  • Patricia Hswe, Pennsylvania State University
  • Cynthia Hudson-Vitale, Washington University
  • Andrew Johnson, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Wendy Kozlowski, Cornell University
  • Brianna Marshall, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Amy Nurnberger, Columbia University
  • Andi Ogier, Virginia Tech
  • Sarah Pickle, Penn State University Libraries
  • Line Pouchard, Purdue 
  • Sarah Shreeves, University of Miami
  • Steve Van Tuyl, Oregon State University
  • Brian Westra, University of Oregon
  • Christie Wiley, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  • Lisa Zilinski, Carnegie Mellon University


To view more information about RDAP15, please visit http://www.asis.org/rdap/program-2015/.

Congratulations to ASIS&T on a successful conference!