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Dear All

The RDA has grown significantly since its inception in 2013, and must now develop a new financial sustainability model, as original sources of seed funding are no longer available or sufficient to keep running the organisation. If we continue with our current and limited income streams, the organization will face major financial challenges, with the possibility that the operations supporting the governance, management, promotion and communication of the working and interest groups will be substantially downsized. Given the incredible success of the RDA thus far, a diminished presence would be unfortunate, and would limit the RDA’s potential value and impact.  

In December 2020, the RDA Council set up a Financial Sustainability Task Force to openly investigate a series of different financial and business models. The idea of an individual membership fee is currently being discussed as one of a number of approaches to improving the long-term financial stability of the organization.

Your feedback on RDA individual membership fees is needed so we can properly assess this potential model.  As this is both an important and urgent issue for the RDA, we very much appreciate your participation in this short, anonymous survey that will be open until 31 May 2021.

Thank you.

Please note note all currency references are in USD.

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Please note that all responses are anonymous and you should not be logged in to your RDA account when responding. We do ask you to provide your country of residence so we can adequately understand regional differences.  Answers to all questions marked * are mandatory.


The data obtained in this survey is for RDA internal use only.  Your answers will be stored securely on a server in Europe, and pseudonymised extracts will be analysed by other RDA members.  It is anticipated that these results will be used to assess financial sustainability models for the RDA.  It will not be possible to identify you as an individual.  For more information, please see general privacy policy.