RDA March 2017 News: "Data on tap", Plenary and group updates, webinars and much more

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01 Mar 2017

RDA March 2017 News: "Data on tap", Plenary and group updates, webinars and much more

 Recommendations & Outputs

Workflows for Research Data Publishing: Models and Key Components

The Recommendation from the RDA/WDS Publishing Data Workflows Working Group provides an analysis of existing and emerging workflows and standards for data publishing and reference models and implementations for application in new workflows.  The Group’s work stems from the fact that researchers are increasingly encouraged or required to make their research data available for reuse, but due to insufficient incentives for submitting and publishing data, there are often low submission rates.  Furthermore, even when research data are preserved and submitted, there is minimal metadata, which inhibits reuse. Workflows that enable persistence, quality control and access are all crucial to enhance the possibilities for greater discoverability as well as efficient and reliable reuse of research data.

View the Group’s final paper and related documentation

 RDA for Disciplines: Biomedical Sciences

RDA’s growing community represents a diverse set of domain experts, including very active Interest and Working groups on Biomedical Sciences and Health data. The linked contribution gives an overview of some these RDA initiatives in this field. 


 "Data On Tap" - Interview With Mark Parsons, RDA Secretary General

Parsons says that he hopes data sharing will evolve into a smooth, uninterrupted process that becomes as essential as water or power. He cites the example of the Internet Engineering Task Force, an open global community of engineers who strive to ensure the internet is functioning well: “Infrastructure, when it’s working, is transparent”

Read the "Data on tap" Interview with Mark Parsons, RDA Secretary General done by  Eleni Courea for "Research Europe"

 Group updates at RDA 9th Plenary

The Data Versioning IG invites the RDA community to provide examples of data versioning policies and procedures in operation at their institutions. The examples collected will support the group's effort to identify best practices in data versioning. Read more...

BioSharing WG is coming to the end of its 18 month life cycle at the 9th Plenary Meeting in Barcelona. Find out more about the group Recommendations & adopters. Read more...


View the full Plenary 9 breakout sessions programme 

Registration & full details 

 Call For Expressions Of Interest To Host International Data Week 2018

CODATA, RDA, and WDS plan to hold a Second International Data Week (IDW2) in September or October 2018. We are requesting expressions of interest to host the 2nd edition of this landmark event.

Find out more about the submission process. The Call closes 10 March 2017. 


 Member spolight

Meet Richard Fulss, Head of Knowledge Management at the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) and co-chair of the Wheat Data Interoperability Working Group.



Don't miss our upcoming webinar: 

 ► Datacubes as an Enabling "Big Data" Paradigm - presented by Peter Baumann, Jacobs University, Rasdaman GmbH - 6 March, 14:00 UTC. 

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 RDA Europe Spring School On Weather, Climate And Air Quality, 25-26 May 2017, Barcelona

The RDA Interest Group on weather, climate and air quality, RDA Europe and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center are organising a 2-day Spring School this May 25 to 26, in Barcelona. 

Lessons will consist in a mix of lectures and hands-on sessions organised in 4 different modules.

View the programme and important information


 Upcoming events 

► RDA Meets Researchers In Slovakia, 23 May 2017, Bratislava

► 7th WG/IG Collaboration Meeting, 12-14 June 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden

► DPASSH 2017 Conference - Preserving Abundance: The Challenge Of Saving Everything, 14-15 June 2017, Brighton, UK