RDA July Newsletter: upcoming RDA 10th & 11th Plenaries, spotlights on RDA members, Recommendations & webinars

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03 Jul 2017

RDA July Newsletter: upcoming RDA 10th & 11th Plenaries, spotlights on RDA members, Recommendations & webinars

 RDA Recommendations & Outputs 

Interoperability Between VIVO And Research Graph, A New Update For The Research Data Switchboard

The Switchboard software - the implementation of the DDRI WG recommendation - now has a new capability to exchange data with the VIVO platform. The Switchboard software has enabled the DDRI partners to create a network of scholarly works that link research data to publications, researchers, grants and other data collections across research repositories. We call this network Research Graph (researchgraph.org) that is formed as a distributed graph by DDRI partners such as Australian National Data Service (ANDS), Australian National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), National Institute of Informatics (NII Japan) and GESIS (Germany). This project enables interoperability of research data across the network of open access scholarly communication enabled by VIVO software in more than 26 countries.

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 RDA Plenaries

Highlights: 10th RDA Plenary - "Better Data, Better Decisions"

The 10th RDA Plenary Meeting will take place from 19 to 21 September 2017 in  Montréal, Canada. The meeting is co-organised by RDA, the Université de Montréal and Research Data Canada


Early Bird registration is available until 14 August 2017 

  RDA EU Early Careers Programme 

 Travel support from  ANDS  

  Poster Session  and much more!


Keep an eye out for all the updates at rd-alliance.org/RDA10! Collocated events and group breakout sessions programme coming soon! 

Anouncing the 11th RDA Plenary - "From Data to Knowledge", 21-23 March 2018, Berlin, Germany 

The 11th RDA Plenary Meeting will take place from the 21st to the 23rd March 2018 in Berlin, Germany. Under the theme "From Data to Knowledge", the Plenary meeting welcomes the participation of all data scientists, experts and practitioners engaged in the advancement of data-driven science and economy.
The Research Data Alliance and the 3-day Plenary meeting provide the ideal, neutral and trustworthy forum to discuss the opportunities and challenges of a global data ecosystem of best practices, standards and interoperable data infrastructures fostering cross-disciplinary knowledge and innovation.

 Dr. Ingrid Dillo to serve as acting RDA Secretary General 

While the recruitment process for the new Secretary General is moving forward, it is not complete, and it is important that the RDA community and Secretariat have strong interim leadership to help us achieve our goals.

To this end, the RDA Council has asked Dr. Ingrid Dillo, from DANS in The Netherlands, to serve as Acting Secretary General beginning July 1 (and ending no later than February 1).  We are delighted that Dr. Dillo has agreed and look forward to her engagement at work this level. 

Dr. Dillo has been involved in a number of RDA groups, is currently on TAB, and took a leadership role in the organizing committee for RDA Plenary 4 in Amsterdam. She is a long-time RDA driver and ambassador and we are glad to have her onboard!

 Call for Nominations for the RDA Technical Advisory Board (TAB)

Want to play a significant role in the technical direction of RDA?  Get involved in the Technical Advisory Board!  Do you know someone who would be a wonderful asset to TAB? Encourage them to run for TAB!

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Nominations will be accepted until August 15, 2017. 


What is RDA and Why Should I attend the 10th Plenary in Montreal?

Date: 25 July, 13:00-14:00 EST

For the first time, RDA’s 10th Plenary (P10) will be held in Montreal, Canada, September 18-22. This webinar, organized by Research Data Canada, will provide individuals in the data community who are not familiar with RDA an opportunity to learn more about our organization and why they should attend P10.

Speakers will include Mark Leggott of Research Data Canada and Yolanda Meleco, Fran Berman, and Lynn Yarmey, all of RDA/US. 

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 Member spotlight: Sandra Collins 

"I am the Director of the National Library of Ireland. The National Library of Ireland collects, protects and makes available the recorded memory of Ireland, caring for more than ten million items including books, manuscripts, newspapers, photographs, maps, data and digital media.(...) 

This year I was delighted and honoured to join the RDA Council and Foundation, where I hope to contribute to the strategic direction of this great organisation, as well as the principles of balance and inclusion, together with the broad and deep expertise of the membership."

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 RDA Organisational Member focus: Research Data Canada

Research Data Canada (RDC) is a stakeholder-driven and supported organization dedicated to improving the management of research data in Canada. Established following a recommendation in the 2011 Canadian Research Data Summit Report, “Mapping the Data Landscape”, RDC plays an essential role in ensuring infrastructure, processes and support are in place to guarantee research data in Canada is both accessible and preserved. Members of RDC include organizations in broad-band networking, research funding agencies, universities, NGOs, government research organizations and research libraries.  As an organisational member of RDA, RDC assists in the adoption of RDA’s Recommendations, providing an organisational perspective of RDA, and influencing its direction.  RDA is excited for RDC and the University of Montréal to be the host of the upcoming 10th Plenary in Montreal, Canada in September.

To find out more visit: https://www.rdc-drc.ca/