RDA Europe

RDA Europe: the European plug-in to the Research Data Alliance (RDA).

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) is an international member-based organisation focused on the development of infrastructure and community activities to reduce the social and technical barriers to data sharing and re-use and to promote the acceleration of data driven innovation and discovery worldwide.

RDA Europe, the European plug-in to RDA, is mandated to ensure that European political, research, industrial and digital infrastructure stakeholders are aware of, engaged with and actively involved in the global RDA activities.


Who We Are

RDA Europe is made up of twelve principal, representative organisations in Europe to drive forward RDA Europe objectives that are all grounded in technological excellence and innovation and have clear and international ties. Each of them bring to the table a proven track record in driving forward efforts around

a) cutting edge results in domain science (MPGCNRS),

b) engagement in advancing computer science (CNR-ISTIAthenaBSC),

c) a strong, innovative, communications and digital media experts (TRUST-IT);

d) highly engaged organisations with experience in distributed infrastructure building within disciplines as well as across disciplines (CSCMPGCNR-ISTIAthenaSTFCCNRSRIABSCNLI);

e) making sure European policy is appropriately represented (ACU) and f) ensuring industry outreach (CAPTRUST-IT).